Monday, July 30, 2012

Things I want to remember from the past week...

I thought I would start something new with this blog post.  I am not sure if it is going to become a regular weekly post or not, but I thought I'd give it a try.  There are so many things I know I am going to just forget about our life as a family together if I don't document them.  I have referred to this blog so many times to remember things!  So, here it goes.  A "Top Things I want to Remember about this Past Week in our Life" post:
Our silly, sweet little boy!
My boys! (and perhaps a future Olympian?)
1.  Luke has excellent senses!!!!!  I was talking very softly to Drew last week on the couch about Luke as he was playing.  I could tell by Luke's reaction that he heard what I was saying.   So, I spoke even more softly to Drew and said, "Luke's hearing amazes me.  He hears everything we say.  He has ears like a bat!"  Then, I noticed that Luke had a confused look on his face as he was feeling his ears with both hands.  Ha!!  (Proof of his bat-like hearing sense).

2.  The XXX Summer Olympic games are happening right now.  We are all loving this time of year.  Luke is especially enjoying it.  Women's gymnastics preliminary rounds were being televised last night.  Luke watched the floor exercises for a while, very intrigued.  Then, he got up quickly, made the statement, "I can do that!" and proceeded to try to do exactly what they were doing.  I am not talking about a simple somersault.  I am talking about a run and then a flip somersault.  He definitely needs some practice or we might be making another visit to the ER.  But, still he has absolutely no fear.  That kid scares me!

3.  Abbey is over 20 lbs now.  She battled some intestinal issues and was going through about 10-12 diaper changes a day for over a week....and I am not talking the #1 type (sorry if that was too much information).  So, I was concerned she was not getting enough to eat and was losing weight.  I guess she is okay, as she has not lost weight.  :-)

4.  Luke and Abbey also had their first bath together in the big tub last week.   Abbey has outgrown her baby tub, so we made the transition to the big tub with big brother.  They both loved it!  Luke enjoyed washing her and showing her all of his toys.  The photo above is of our little Elvis baby in her first big tub bath.

Luke enjoyed his first bath with his baby sister.

5.  Last week was my 36th birthday.  I can't believe I actually typed that age on this post.  You know that you are getting up there in age when the only gifts you desire for your birthday are health-related.  As Drew asked me over and over for gift ideas, I told him I really already have everything I could ever want. I never sit around and think about material things I wish I had. My only desire is to continue to be healthy for my family so I can best take care of them.  I have been feeling like I am really starting to get out of shape.  My muscles ache more often and I just feel more lethargic lately.  It scares me because I have felt like the energizer bunny for most of my life.  I have also specifically been having a lot of back pain.  That could have something to do with #3 above--lifting our 20 lb baby.  So, I asked Drew for a back brace and mentioned I would LOVE to have the opportunity to join a gym.  But, it really just isn't in our budget.  Then, I got an email about an AMAZING offer that made joining a gym (24-hour fitness) completely affordable.  Plus, I received some birthday money from my parents that can help offset the cost.  The gym is so affordable that the cost for the one-year membership is less than one visit to the doctor on our high-deductible health plan.  So, I joined late last week and I have already been a couple of times. I ABSOLUTELY love it.  It gives me some much needed "me-time" and even "me and God" time.  While I ran on the treadmill and rode the stationary bike at the gym last week I had some wonderful conversations with God.  Plus, I left with almost instant energy and excitement to go back for more. I also left with some REALLY sore muscles that lasted for several days after my 60 minute body pump class, but it was the good kind of pain.  Confession:  I am pretty sure EVERY muscle in my body was sore.  I really didn't think I was in that bad of shape, but I was proven to be wrong.

Like I said...I already have everything I could ever want for my birthday.

6.  Something that Drew picked up for me for my birthday (in addition to the back brace) was an educational photography book.  I have really enjoyed playing with our camera and some free editing software I downloaded, called "Radlab" lately.  So, I will end this post with some more fun photos from the past week. 

During Luke's nap time I snapped some quick photos of Miss Abbey.

Look at all those rolls!
Abbey has found all of the mirrors in our house.  She always catches a glimpse as you walk by with her. 


  1. I have been thinking of joining 24 hour, too. Is the offer still good that you used? How is their childcare? Have you checked it out?

  2. Glenna---I LOVE it. That offer was only good through that Friday, but I will see if there are any other offers going on. The offer was through I am not currently using the childcare, but I did check it out. It costs $4 each time for up to 2 hours of care, or you can pay an extra $19/mo. The childcare facility looks really nice and there were no children there (just a childcare worker). So, ratio would be great depending on when you went. I usually go at 5:30pm.