Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

This is a season of birthdays for our family!  Last week, we celebrated Drew's birthday (8/31), as well as our nieces', Audrey and Lauren's, birthdays (their actual birthday is today, 9/4).

Last week, I proclaimed it officially the week of Drew, as we celebrated his birthday all week.  I celebrated his birthday for an entire week 5 years ago as well.  So, I told him we would have a week-long celebration of his birth every 5 years, as he hits those key age milestones.  I am SO glad he was born!  Each day last week, I gave him a special gift to show him just how thankful I am for him.

Here, Drew is walking through the door after arriving home from work and sees one of the surprises we made for him.

He mentioned recently he would like to have some dominoes to play with Luke.  This was a Day 2 gift.

Looking at his gift and card for that day.

 Happy Birthday Drew (Daddy)!  We love you so much!

 After Drew enjoyed a fun golf tournament at Barton Creek Country Club with his dad, friend Adam and Adam's father-in-law on the morning of his birthday, we headed down to the Houston area to celebrate our nieces' birthday.  (Congratulations guys for scoring third place for the tourney!)

Audrey and Lauren turned 5 today.  I still cannot believe they are already 5!  Erica, Drew's sister, created such a cute "Under the Sea" Little Mermaid party for them.

Luke liked the decorations hanging from the ceiling.

The decorations made us feel we were under the sea!  There were balloon fish, water made out of streamers, and even jellyfish made from streamers.

Abbey enjoyed sitting with her new friends at the party.  (On Abbey's left are some of Audrey and Lauren's birthday gifts--two American Girl dolls).

The cake--entirely made by Erica!
Audrey's turn to blow out her #5 candle.
And Lauren's turn.

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