Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chemo Round 2--a Much Better Experience!

As I mentioned in my last post, my one-week post chemo appointment was scheduled for this morning.  The plan for the appointment was as follows:

1.  Labs drawn.
2.  Based on lab results, receive Neupogen injection to help boost my immune system.  Likely, I would receive the injection for 3 consecutive days.  This is in lieu of receiving the Neulasta injection the day following chemotherapy.  We needed to change things up due to the allergic reaction I had towards Neulasta.

I was excited to receive my lab results this morning.  I must say, I had a very positive feeling we would like what we saw.  The Nurse Practitioner came into the exam room with the following results:

Today's lab results.

Now, this may not mean much to some of you.  So, let me provide some explanation.  At this point in my round 1 chemo treatment, my WBC was at 1.2 (critical low) and my neutrophils (NEU#-ANC) were at 0.1.  Today however, my white blood count was barely low at 3.6 and my neutrophils were actually within NORMAL range at 3.1!!!!  And this is without the $10,000 Neulasta shot. (Yes folks, I found out today when I received a bill from the doctor's office that the one Neulasta shot I received was $10,000!!!  Cancer is expensive!)  Take that, Neulasta!! With those lab results, I didn't even need to receive the Neupogen injection.  Praise be to God!   Today's results were yet another answer to prayer.

Lately, I have been feeling more thankful and blessed than at any other point in my life.  Which is kind of crazy to me, considering I am going through chemotherapy for an aggressive, stage 3 cancer.  I think I am just experiencing the biblical truth that is stated in 2 Corinthians 12:9:   But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  I am weak.  Christ's power is made perfect in our weakness.  This truth I have now truly experienced myself.   Here are some of the many things I am feeling thankful and blessed about lately:

  • I am so thankful for the outpouring of love from our friends and family.  We continue to receive meals from our friends (and even a kind stranger offered to bring one next week).  Meals are a HUGE blessing to us.  I also received a very generous care package from friends at ARA (thank you SO MUCH).  The care package had so many thoughtful items in it from some of my friends there and I truly cherish each one.  Abbey and Luke even received some fun things in the package.  Drew's parents stayed with us last week, and were a HUGE help.  We are so thankful!  Experiencing the outpouring of love from friends and family just makes me feel SO BLESSED and, again, makes me truly understand why one of Christ's Greatest Commandments is to "Love One Another"!
  • I am SO THANKFUL that so many people continue to pray for me.  This is not going to be a short battle, and to continually receive messages from friends, family members, and strangers that tell me they are praying for us means so much!  Let me tell you something I know for a fact:  prayers are making a difference!
  • I am so thankful for my kiddos, who God continually uses to send me messages of love from Him daily.  I know I have written about this before, but Luke says things that are just WAY too mature and at specific points in time, for them NOT to be messages directly from God.  A couple of days ago, I was taking Luke potty.  He was just sitting there on the potty looking at me and I wasn't feeling very well.  I was wearing a scarf around my head.  He delicately placed his hands below my jaw and pulled my head up to look at him and said, "Mommy, I love you.  I really like your hat.  I also like your new haircut."  Then, he proceeded to ask me, "Mommy, are your boo-boos getting all better?  Let me give you a kiss."  My heart just melts.  And then there's precious Abbey.  She just lights up a room.  Her cuddles, hugs and kisses are so therapeutic.  I remember being told by more than one physician (due to test results) that I would never have my own biological child (due to an issue with my egg quality/low ovarian reserve). That it was not medically possible.  Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).  God has reminded me of these promises lately through the gift of my children.
  • I am EXTREMELY thankful for Drew.  He is the best husband ever!  He is constantly looking out for me.  Lately, he has even been my nutritional coach, helping me stay on track with our nutritional goals during chemotherapy!
  • I am so thankful for Drew's job.  His management team and co-workers are so supportive of him.  He loves his job and is thankful that they are flexible in allowing him to work remotely when needed.
Those are just a few of the many reasons I am feeling so blessed and thankful lately.

Feeling Blessed!


  1. Positively blessed by you today. Praying God continues to show Himself to you during your ordeal. You are truly a light shining to a dark world!

  2. I'm a friend of Jerm's and have been keeping up with your story through this blog over the past month. Our neighbor is going through the same battle as you are; so this is hitting very close to us. You're being prayed for through fasting and petition from people you've never met. I hope you all continue to feel those prayers as you continue through this.

    Take care.