Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do Not Be Afraid...Just Believe

Mark 5:36 has been our life verse lately:  "Do not be afraid...just believe!"

  • As I watched my hair for the past couple of weeks fall out in chunks...."Do not be afraid...just believe."
  • As I periodically feel my cancerous breast to determine whether the cancer is being demolished..."Do not be afraid...just believe."
  • As I look at my beautiful children, excited to parent them and help them grow and develop, wondering how much time I may be given on earth to do that..."Do not be afraid....just believe."
Yes, it has become the theme in our household.

Chemo Round 2 Status:

I can't believe we are already into the second round of chemo, day 6!  As I said in the last post, the oncologist really dialed down the dosage of the chemo and she didn't administer the immunity shot, Neulasta.  So, this is sort of a new round of chemotherapy.  I feel differently, mostly in good ways.  However, last time, I was also on three additional drugs (which also happened to have negative interactions with one another) that I am not currently taking.  That has to make one feel better!  I feel like I am also eating a lot better this time around.  Not that I wasn't eating well last round, but this round I am using specific foods as good fuel for my body.  As far as negative side effects this round, I feel mainly like I have no energy with sporadic nausea.  But, again, compared to last round, it doesn't seem that bad.  I know this is partly because it is becoming my new normal.  Something else that has helped tremendously is having help with the kids and chores--we are so thankful for Drew's parents being able to spend this first week of chemo round 2 with us.  On Thursday, my labs will be run, so I will see the results of how my immune system took this round of chemo (minus the Neulasta shot).  They will also likely be giving me Neupogen to help boost my immunity.

Insert Random Photo from past week:  Abbey and I reading a book before bedtime.

The Last Hair Update...I promise!:

I finally said goodbye to my hair on Saturday.  It was looking very unkempt, so it really had to go.  Actually, Drew played barber this weekend as he cut my hair, Luke's hair and his own.  There was hair everywhere!  Luke helped buzz my hair and thought that it was pretty cool that he was able to assist.  However, because my hair was cut first (and cut very short), when I asked him if he was ready for his hair to be cut next, he replied, "Mommy, I don't want it to be short like yours."  Poor little guy.  Luke has been so kind though since my hair was cut.  He compliments me daily, whether it be, "I like your new hat mommy", or "I like your new haircut" or even, "Your new hair [wig] looks nice, mommy."  We have such a sweet little boy!

We made an event out of my haircut.  I really don't know why we captured the moment on video, except that that is what a lot of other cancer patients recommended.  I have heard that you are supposed to make a big deal out of each milestone--not sure why.  It is a pretty embarrassing video moment really--I really dislike the myriad of faces I apparently made during the haircut.  Haha!  But, I guess some may consider it entertaining.   Still yet, perhaps it will be encouraging to others who are going through chemo--it acts as something to show them that losing one's hair is not a big deal when you look at the big picture.   So, here is the video for those who are interested.  

P.S.  I plan on posting an "answered prayer requests post" soon, because the answered prayers keep rolling in!  Thanks again for your continued prayers!


  1. You are so brave. We pray for you and God's healing. By the way, you are beautiful with or without hair. : )

  2. Heather, the music was so peaceful listening to as I watched the video. I could somehow feel your pain even though you didn't show it. By the way, both long and short hair choices look fabulous on you. It was never the hair that made you beautiful, it was the beautiful person you are on the inside.

  3. Heather, I cried watching Drew cut your hair and then Luke help, but I was also praying for you all and loving you all through this. I am confident that the Lord hears our prayers and will answer our prayers on your behalf! You, Heather, are beautiful inside and out--with and without hair! The two new "looks" look great on you too! We love you all!

  4. I bet that people recommend to document everything so that one day later in life you can look back on this and say wow look what I went through and how the Lord was there with me every step of the way! You look great in both wigs by the way!!

  5. I agree with my sister. It will be nice to have two hair options actually. You look great in both of them. I was praying for you through this whole video! Love the verses you've claimed as well.