Monday, October 8, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Long Locks

For most women, one of the most devastating parts of chemotherapy is losing their hair.  Actually, for many women, their hair is what makes them feel feminine.  For most of my life, my hair has been long.  I have always defined myself as a tomboy, and it is my long hair that has helped me to feel feminine.  But honestly, since I was first diagnosed with cancer, losing my hair has really been the least of my concerns.  Right now, my focus is on surviving.  I don't need hair to survive.  Still yet, I know that when the day comes where my hair is actually falling out, it is not going to be easy.  For me, the reason having no hair will be difficult is not due to feeling less feminine.  The reason being bald will be difficult is just because it will be a daily reminder of the cancer inside my body.  On days when I do not feel that ill, it is sometimes currently easy to forget that a terrible, aggressive advanced cancer is in my body.  But, the visual effects of chemotherapy will be a constant reminder of this.  I am preparing myself mentally for this.  I am ready.

I always knew that if I EVER decided to get a drastic short cut, I would donate my hair to locks of love.  It is a wonderful organization that creates hair (cranial) prostheses for kids in need.  Losing one's hair is extremely difficult for a young girl.  Thus, it was really not a difficult decision at all to chop my hair off while I still have it so that some young girl can benefit from it.  So, that is what I did on Friday! 

Before the cut...long hair.

Donated three ponytails of 12 inches of hair!
After photos...front.

I will admit that I actually like the haircut. It is fun, easy, and actually works pretty well with my wavy hair.  It is a wash-and-go type of style.  I will definitely enjoy it over the next few days before it begins falling out! 

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