Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Simple Things That Bring Me Joy

I must say, I have always been someone who is pretty easy to please.  By that, I mean I find much joy in very simple things.  And God has given me much to be happy about.

Modeling her Halloween Costume

Abbey is so happy!
Abbey is learning new things at a fairly rapid pace now.  Our little girl is growing up too quickly!  Today, as she sat there on the floor playing with various toys in her 18 month top and 24 month pants (I know, she is only 9 months old), she looked so much older than she did a week ago.  She examined her baby doll, looking closely at how her eyes opened and closed and checked out her doll's little fingers.  She grabbed a book and started jabbering as if she were reading it.  She played some songs on her little piano, and clapped her little hands together and bounced to the beat.  I just sat amazed (at how fast this time is flying by) and smiled the entire time.  Abbey, simply by just being, brings me so much joy.  Here is a video of her showing some of her recent cute skills..waving and clapping..and also....just being her happy self. 

And then there's Luke.  He now sometimes acts as if he is not 3, but 13.  I went upstairs to get him this morning after I heard on the monitor he awoke.  When I opened the door, I noticed the light was already on (he normally stays in the bed until we come up to get him).  He was just sitting in his bed, smiling sweetly.  So, I went to his drawer to get an outfit.  He quickly saw what I was doing and said, "Mommy, I already got something."  I said, "Ok, well, I will grab some underwear for you."  He responded, "I already picked out a top, pants, underwear and socks."  Well, OK.  :-)   It was all sitting there in front of him on the bed as he sat up, "criss-cross applesauce" style.  He makes me smile.  We played together outside this morning for a long time during Abbey's morning nap.  That kid is so much fun.  He showed me all sorts of games that he and daddy had created.   For example, he showed me the "stick the baseball up in the tree and use another ball to try to dislodge it" game and the "balance the bat on the baseball tee and use another ball to try to knock the bat off" game, to name a couple.  It was so simple and SO MUCH FUN!  I got to be a kid again and it felt great!

Our "knock the bat over with a ball" game

Our "dislodge the ball from the tree by throwing another ball" game.

This is what happens each time we pull Luke's old toys (that he has outgrown) from the attic so that Abbey can use them:  they get reclaimed by Big Brother.
Today....was just joyous!  Thank you Lord for the joy you have given me and for allowing me to find it in all things.

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