Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5th Round of Chemo

I can't believe I am already on my 5th round of chemotherapy.  On Monday, I received my 3rd infusion of Taxol.  

In my chemo chair, awaiting my 3rd infusion of Taxol.
My 2nd week of Taxol went pretty well.  It was similar to my first week, in that I had most of my energy for the day during the morning.  By the time noon rolled around, I was pretty much wiped out.  However, by Saturday and Sunday (days 6 & 7 of the week) I nearly felt like my old self.   I knew my neutrophil count had to be up based upon how I was feeling.   And, I was correct:

My neutrophil count (ANC) needs to be at least 1.5 for me to receive treatment.  Last Monday, it was 1.6---just under the radar, so I was able to receive treatment.  Since I started the treatment with such a low number, I was concerned that my counts would not be high enough this week.  However, my ANC was 2.7!  Hooray!

Also, Dr. H. (my oncologist) was extremely pleased with how the cancer was feeling in my left breast and axillary lymph nodes.  The size of it continues to diminish.  This made me very happy.  Monday was a fabulous day!  Thank you Lord for your continual healing!  

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