Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And the results are in...

bummed that I have to go home with no chemo today.
No chemo for me today.   My ANC (absolute neutrophil count) went up to .7 from .3 (yesterday) thanks to the neupogen shot.  But, that is not the 1.5 that my ANC needs to be to proceed with receiving treatment.  I received another Neupogen shot today and then will be back again tomorrow at 9am to try this again.  Please pray that my ANC goes up to at least the needed 1.5 so that I can receive treatment tomorrow.

Faithful Prayer Warriors:  Thank you for your daily prayers for me and my family.  I have a couple of other new prayer requests.  I have been having some new pains that have caused a little fear.  When I have the fear, I pray to God because I know that Satan is trying to produce negativity and strip me of my faith.   My faith in God's healing of my body is very strong right now, and I know that is when Satan fights harder.  Anyway, I have been having some pains in my back as well as some pains in my head.  Last night, anytime I attempted to sleep on my side, I would get an immediate headache on the top of my head.  I am a back sleeper anyway, but I usually toss a few times before going to sleep.  So, I slept on my back last night and avoided the headaches.  The pains really don't bother me physically.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and will avoid medication to alleviate the pain whenever possible.  These pains only bother me mentally. They cause worry to creep into my mind.  The cause of the pains is what I question and what brings fear into mind.  When you are going through chemo, the drugs have so many side effects.  So, when new symptoms like weird pains pop up, I wonder whether the cause is chemo, my weakened immune system, a strained muscle from lifting my children, or new cancer elsewhere.  Of course, it is the latter that causes my mind to worry.   I know that breast cancer most commonly metastasizes to the brain and bones.  However, when my mind begins to worry, I go instantly to converse with God about my concerns and pray that he gives peace to my mind, direction on what to do about the pains, and I ask for complete healing of whatever is causing them. Thank you for praying along with me.  Honestly, the constant conversations that I am having with Him are making our relationship stronger.  So, it is not all bad that new symptoms pop up.  :-)  I will update my prayer page after posting this blog post.

Thank you, Lord, for your complete and total healing that is occurring as I type this!

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