Monday, January 28, 2013

"Capturing" Everyday Moments

Prior to cancer, I was having a lot of fun with our camera.  I had so much posing the kids for impromptu photo sessions in our home.  But, over the past 4-5 months, I really haven't taken that many photos with our good camera.  Most of my photos have been taken with my smartphone, because that is what is always handy.

But today, as Luke and I were enjoying a beautiful morning in our backyard, I decided I didn't want to forget some of the simple things that are part of our daily routine.  I don't want to forget watching our son run around the backyard, pretending, playing soccer, baseball or golf, or just blowing bubbles.  So, instead of settling for the nearest camera, my smartphone, I took the trek upstairs and grabbed our good camera.   Today was probably the toughest day for me of all of the days I have been on Taxol.  I have absolutely no energy, my entire body hurts, and I have been very dizzy.  So, making the trip upstairs to get the camera was actually a chore, but I am SO glad I got it.

It may not have been a professional photo session, but I was happy to capture some of our typical everyday moments on photo.  These kids are truly growing up too quickly right before our eyes!

We found some bubbles to play with outside.
Raindrops on his nose.

Taking a break.
Perfecting the bubble blow
Enough of the bubbles, time for a little putting practice.

Oh yeah--yes, it is January and yes, Luke is wearing shorts.  We haven't really had any kind of winter here.

Then, when Abbey awoke from her morning nap, it was time for lunch.  So, I decided to take some photos of something that I never capture photos of--Abbey enjoying her meal.  She has REALLY been enjoying her meals lately.  She doesn't turn down much, and we're really not sure where she is putting all of the food she is devouring. Often, she eats more than me and Drew!

Still waking a daze

The girl drinks SO much water too!  I guess she needs to ingest as much water as she does food!
Oh mommy, what are you doing with that camera?
And now for the many faces of Abbey that we enjoy every day...

And last but not least....

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