Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Celebration #3

After my chemo on 12/27, we headed to the Houston, TX area to visit Drew's side of the family and celebrate Christmas.  Drew took Abbey to her pediatrician just before leaving for Houston on Friday morning, since she had begun running a high fever, was coughing and was just feeling terribly on Thursday night.   We wanted to rule out the flu, since it had come on so suddenly.  We found out she had an ear infection.  They prescribed an antibiotic, we gave it to her and then headed to Drew's parents' house.

Our little gal felt so sick.  She actually even vomited in the car on the way there.  We all felt so badly for her, since there was much fun planned but she felt so ill.  We all experienced fun times and great foods.   Abbey didn't really have an appetite though the entire time we were there, so she wasn't able to partake in the delicious food.  Actually, Abbey is just now (one week later) beginning to get her appetite back.   As a parent, I still say it is way more tough when your kids are sick than when you are ill.

Here are some photos from our Christmas celebration with Drew's family.  We had such a fun time visiting with them and truly enjoyed every bit of it (except the part with Abbey being ill).  Again, it was another Christmas celebration that brought on social interactions that are so therapeutic for us.

Our nephew, Mitchell, niece Audrey, Luke and niece, Lauren

Luke didn't waste any time getting this gift out of the package to begin playing with it.
Luke decided Mimi's stainless steel colander made an excellent helmet!
Showing off the cute snowman ornaments made by Mitchell, Audrey and Lauren.
Luke was so excited about his snoopy sled toy (Drew used to have this exact toy when he was a little boy)
Checking out stocking gifts...

Luke wanted to test out this rocket outdoors.  
OK.  I will admit--mommy was excited about it too.
Erica and Andy took the girls (Lauren and Audrey) out on a stroll (or roll) in their new roller skates.

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