Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy First Birthday Abbey Lee!

Abbey at 11 days old.
One thing I am finding that is nice about Abbey having a birthday (1/3) near the holidays, is that we always already plan to visit family right around her birthday (for Christmas).  But, I definitely want her to have her own special birthday celebration each year in addition to the celebration of Jesus' birth.

When we visited family in Oklahoma, we decided to have a little celebration for Abbey with my immediate family (on Sunday, 12/23).  It was so much fun watching Abbey devour her first piece of cake.  She definitely consumed it in a more lady-like fashion than Luke did on his first birthday!

It looks like she knows what to do with that candle!
I decided to help her though.

Checking out the cake.

frosting mustache!
So happy about her first cake!
Luke enjoyed sitting in uncle Jeremy's lap with Traber to watch Abbey try her first cake.
Yum yum!

And then, when we arrived at Drew's parents house on 12/28 to celebrate Christmas with them, Drew's mom and sister had planned a special party for Abbey.  Drew's sister even made beautiful, delicious organic cupcakes and arranged them together to look like a balloon bouquet.  Isn't that a cute idea?

Unfortunately, Abbey didn't have an appetite during our visit with Drew's family due to her illness.  So, I sacrificed and ate a cupcake for her.

Papa is holding her during her happy birthday song.
Lauren watched as Abbey blew out her candle--well, Luke helped her blow out the candle.
cousin, Mitchell, joined in the party fun.
She still looks so cute even when ill.
Checking out one of her gifts with daddy.
And, of course, we HAD to celebrate Abbey's big day on her actual birthday.  So, we celebrated with some cupcakes.  My mom and dad are in town this week, so we enjoyed celebrating with them. (The lighting on the photos below isn't great--our kitchen doesn't provide the best light for picture-taking).

She loves when people sing the "Happy Birthday" song!
Luke helped her with her candle.
Her appetite is back!
Abbey always rests her feet here when in her highchair.
Do you want some too?
Hooray--it's my birthday!

We love our precious, sweet, loving, funny little girl who makes us laugh and smile daily.  You are the perfect addition to our family!  Happy first birthday, Abbey!  If you like to reminisce like I do, click here for a link to her birth story.  And below are some early photos of our little girl:

At 2.5 weeks old.  I can't remember her being this little.
At 11 days little.  Now, I have difficulty holding her, because she is SO much heavier!
So we now have a one-year old and a three-year old.  Below is a video of Abbey enjoying some of her cake on her birthday:

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