Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Warrior Mode!

Today I am having labs drawn and getting a neupogen injection. (It is also my sister's birthday--Happy Birthday, Holly!)  Neupogen helps boost my immune system (white blood counts) so that I can hopefully stay on schedule and get my chemo treatment tomorrow.  TOMORROW IS (hopefully) MY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!  Did you hear that?  I just yelled it by putting it in all caps.  There may be a big celebration in the infusion room tomorrow if I can stay on schedule and get my treatment.  I shouldn't use "if"s.  I WILL stay on schedule and get my treatment tomorrow.  I am in warrior mode right now!

Today, I donned my "warrior" scarf.  
This has been the toughest week of all of the Taxol chemo weeks.  I have no idea why, other than I started out with a fairly low white blood count.  You know how you feel when the flu knocks you down?  That is how I felt this week, except I had no fever.  Instead of fever, I am afflicted with numerous hot flashes throughout the day from my body being forced into menopause from the toxic drugs in my system.  I pushed through though and just kept telling myself I was well, doing my normal routines in hopes that if I kept moving I would stay moving. I did try to lay down every afternoon to get some rest.   Okay, go ahead and cue the "wah wah" sound.

So, enough about the tough week that I had last week.    No need to call the "whambulance", I am moving on.  My counts HAVE to be high enough for chemo tomorrow.  My surgery is scheduled only 12 days from tomorrow, which is really cutting it close.  My body needs some "recoup" time so that it can heal well from surgery and not be at greater risk of infection.  I just found out my white blood count is 1.3 and my ANC is .3.  No wonder I have been feeling so wiped out.  My ANC (neutrophil count) needs to come up quite a bit (to 1.5) tomorrow so that I can get my treatment.  Prayer warriors, can you fight with me and pray for a "SUPER" immune system and boost in time for my treatment tomorrow?

Hopefully tomorrow, you will be seeing a very happy post about me receiving my LAST chemo treatment.  Hooray!


  1. Praying for a super boost in immunity!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! We are so thankful for our prayer warriors, like you! :-)