Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's try this again--Tomorrow will be my last day of chemo!

I came to the chemo infusion room today ready to celebrate my last chemo infusion again!  But, I got my cbc lab report back to see my ANC is still 1.1.  I don't understand how the ANC didn't come up from that, because my bone marrow felt like it was seriously working hard to produce those white blood cells last night.  I had some very intense (worse than labor pain) bone and hip pain last night, that I finally decided to try to resolve at 1am by taking some ibuprofen.  I knew I needed some sleep since I didn't get any the night before.  It was the neupogen-type debilitating pain, so I know it has to be from the injection on Tuesday.  The doctor didn't want to give me another neupogen injection yesterday, because I had a localized allergic reaction on Tuesday at the site of the injection.  My arm got warm, was in serious pain, felt numb and swelled up at the site of the injection.  This was so strange, because I have never had this reaction before to the neupogen, with all of the pre-medication I receive (steroids and benadryl).

Anyway, we are going to try the neupogen injection today and I will come back tomorrow to see great white blood cell counts and have my LAST DOSE OF TAXOL!   Hooray.  I know God has a reason for the delay in treatment, and it is all in his control.  So, I will just sit back and enjoy this ride.

We are praying for a boost in my white blood count for my last chemo tomorrow.   (I know I look extremely tired--because I am.  :-)  These steroids I have received three days in a row give me insomnia.  Please pray that I can get some rest today and then sleep tonight.)   

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