Sunday, January 13, 2013

The beginning of more outdoor adventures...

As I mentioned in my last post, Drew and I absolutely love being outdoors.  And when we are outdoors, we enjoy being active.   After all, we chose to hike around Switzerland as our honeymoon and we enjoyed every second of it.  In fact, our honeymoon was so memorable and the weather so perfect, that every time the weather is gorgeous, memories of our honeymoon flood to the forefront of our brains.  We call the most perfect weather, "Switzerland Weather", because the weather was absolutely perfect during our honeymoon: perfect blue skies, slight breeze, 68-75 degrees.   Below are a few photo memories from the most perfect vacation ever!

near Interlaken

everything looked so perfect around us--almost like something from Disneyworld.

Looking down at a little village where we began our hike that day.
Yep--that's the Matterhorn behind me!

I would love to go back someday with Abbey and Luke in tow.  When they are just a bit older, they would enjoy it also.  But in the meantime, we will make memories locally.

This weekend, we visited one of the many fun hiking areas near us.  We traveled just a few miles North to San Gabriel trail near Lake Georgetown.

It was Abbey's first time in the backpack carrier.  Although her look is a bit serious here, she loved the view from daddy's height!
Checking out the trail map.
Luke needed to check too.
Away we go!
Luke led the way most of the time.
There were some beautiful rock formations all along the trail.
Luke had a blast exploring as we hiked the trail.  I was surprised though that the first one who became tired and ready to go was Mr. Energizer bunny--Luke.   But, then again, he did run almost the entire 2+ miles that we hiked.  It was the first time that he hiked all by himself--he had no resting time in a backpack carrier or jogging stroller.  So, now we know that if we want to hike longer, we will probably need to bring something along that allows him to rest every now and then.  Or, as we told him on Saturday, we need to "condition" him.  Regardless, although it was a short hike, it felt great to be outside as a family enjoying God's beautiful creation.  I am looking forward to more weekend adventures as a family. 

The video below is just a short clip of our hike.  You can see Luke "leading the way".  This is the speed he hiked the entire time.  No wonder he was tired so soon!


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  1. I loved this little video. It reminds me of a trip that we took to Colorado in 1997. Mack was a year old. When we put her in the back pack for hikes she would say "backpack Daddy backpack".