Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tomorrow will be my last chemo day!

Unfortunately, my ANC (neutrophil count) was too low for chemo today.  It was 1.1 and needed to be at least 1.5.   It was so close.   But, I didn't get an ounce of sleep last night and the body needs sleep in order for the immune system to function properly.  So, I am sure the lack of sleep is the culprit.

My ANC count was so close to the low end of the normal range though, so I am expecting that I will receive my last dose of Taxol tomorrow.  It will be a very happy day.  :-)

We did get to meet with my oncologist this morning though.  I asked her whether she felt my response to the chemotherapy was just as she expected, better than expected, or not as good as she hoped.  She replied that she was very pleased with my response.  She was especially pleased because I have an estrogen receptor positive cancer.  She normally sees that estrogen receptor positive tumors tend to plateau on chemo at some point in their response to the drugs.  But, I had an early positive response to chemo and it has never plateaued.   This is great news.  We are still all hoping to see great results on my PET on 2/4/13.  This will probably be a big indicator of whether I will receive more chemotherapy treatments following my surgery.  She said that if the PET shows no evidence of disease, it will be extremely difficult to justify the benefit over the risk of adding more chemotherapy.  So, following reviewing the PET results, she is going to have a discussion with my MD Anderson oncologist so they can determine how to proceed.  I love that I have not just one amazing oncologist treating me, but I get two amazing oncologists discussing my treatment plan.   God is good!

God's timing is perfect.  He is in control.  I was concerned that if I didn't receive my chemo today I would be too close to my surgery date for my body to heal and my counts to come up.  Well, I received a call yesterday from the surgeon's office.  They needed to move the location of my surgery due to the surgical facility being out of network for insurance coverage.  So, it was rescheduled form 2/11/13 to 2/13/13 (a surgical date that was not available before).  This gives me a couple of extra days for healing.  Hooray!

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Please pray that tomorrow will be my last chemo because my cancer is gone!   Thanks!

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