Thursday, January 17, 2013

We have a domain!

We have been wanting to register a domain for our blog for quite some time.  It is just sort of annoying to type in the long "" into one's address bar.  Also, when folks ask for the blog address, it is so difficult explaining it to them: "don't put 'www' in front of the address."  We have never thought of a good simple domain name that fits our blog. 

However, since changing the name of our blog from the cheesy, "The Dubbs" to a new cheesy, "His Building Blocks", the name has begun to stick a little.  So, we decided to register the domain, "".  This means that you can now visit our blog site by simply typing "" into your web browser. 

Just in case you are wondering why we changed our blog name to "His Building Blocks", I published a page a while back that explains the name.  It is listed at the top of the blog along with the other pages and is titled, "Behind the Name."  Perhaps it is cheesy, but it is really the only thing that we could think of to call our blog that will be fitting long term. 

Of course, you can still visit our blog by typing in the full blogpost name,  Hopefully everyone will enjoy the easier to type in address. :-)

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