Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Reality Television is Appealing to Me

Chemotherapy has really limited my ability to participate in some of my previously normal routines.   A lot of these routines involved being around a lot of people.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Well, I have come to realize that the old adage is even true for routines and social interactions.  I am realizing more and more that I am such a social person.  I thrive on social interactions.

As I was watching ABC's The Bachelor on Monday night (yes, I admit I like that show), I was trying to figure out why I enjoy watching it.  I know it is a waste of my time.  I also like watching American Idol--another reality television show.  The truth is that I enjoy reality TV so much because it shows people, with their true, raw personalities, interacting with one another.   I love the psychology behind the Bachelor.  I enjoy watching how the social interactions transform over the time-period of the show.  I love people and relationships!  No wonder I enjoy(ed) my career in human resources (HR) so much!  I am looking forward to getting back involved in HR when this cancer thing has run its course.

This may sound strange, but I look forward to going to the infusion room each week.   And, it has absolutely nothing to do with the lovely concoction they are dripping into my artery.  Rather, it has everything to do with the social interactions that it provides me.  I get to meet new people and get to know them each week.   It is interesting to see all of the different personalities and how they are coping with chemotherapy or whatever infusion they are receiving.  I love hearing their stories and sharing mine. I get to converse with the friendly, caring nurses each week, who I have truly grown to love.  I will really miss them.  These times during the week are my primary source of social interactions with adults (outside of my family).  But, I also realize that the culmination of chemo means that I will soon get to return to my old routines, which involve being around lots of people!  So, that makes me super happy!

With that said, here are just a few of the social interactions that I am looking forward to doing once I am again able:

  • Taking Luke to school and picking him up each week.  (I currently just drop him off, because we decided he has too many germs after school.  We actually have an entire cleaning routine for when Luke returns home from school.  It is quite a process with washing down and changing clothing.)
  • Taking Abbey to the library for story time with other kids her age.  Abbey hasn't left the house much since the cancer diagnosis.  This has been a huge chunk of Abbey's life to date.   I think she is going to be a very social person as well, because she literally vibrates (flaps her arms and legs with excitement) the entire time we are out of the house and around other people).   
  • Working out in a gym.
  • Going to the mall. (I love being around lots of people, even if in a shopping setting).  This is a great people-watching place and an easy place to take your kids when the weather doesn't allow outside play time.  
  • I am so excited about going to church and meeting regularly with our small group.  
There are so many social activities that I get to return to when this stage of treatment is complete.  This is something to look forward to!  And the good news is that I am getting so close to the return of those activities. Today, I am receiving my 11th infusion of Taxol.   That means I will only have one more (hopefully next Wednesday).

My white blood count came up just enough for allow chemo today (ANC of 1.9--needed it to be at least 1.5).  Hooray!  This is my third straight week to stay on schedule.  God is good.

Even though I am blogging right now about how much I miss social interaction with adults, don't get me wrong.  I realize I get to enjoy plenty of social interaction with my kiddos daily.  I enjoy that as well.  And, our children are extremely entertaining:

Luke, hiding in the leaves.
Abbey, pushing her duck book "quack" button.

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