Friday, February 1, 2013

My Last Round of Taxol!

I was back in the chemo infusion room for the 4th time this week.  But, today things are different.  My white blood count looked great today as my ANC finally jolted up into the 4's (needed to be at least 1.5).  I actually received my last round of Taxol today, and hopefully it will be my last day of chemotherapy forever.

I am extra happy today.  Can you tell?
Still sleep deprived due to the steroids I have had injected every day this week, but SO HAPPY!

I want to give a shout out of "thanks" to Drew's parents.  They came up on Monday night to help watch the kids, knowing I had my labs on Tuesday and then we all hoped for chemo on Wednesday.   They were planning to leave Wednesday after my chemo.  Well, as you know, I didn't get to have my last round until today.  They really blessed us this week by staying until today, so that Drew could be here for my last chemo infusion.  Again, they are a huge blessing to us and we are so thankful for them. Luke and Abbey were especially happy to get to spend some more quality time with them.  They had a blast; Luke learned all about "wrestle mania" from Papa (now it is Luke's favorite game) and Abbey loved bringing Mimi countless books to read to her over and over....and over. 

Luke and Abbey with Mimi and Papa

We are all celebrating today, hoping it is my last round of chemo ever.  We will find out if this is true next week, when we review the results of my PET/CT, which is scheduled for Monday morning (2/4).  After Dr. Hellerstedt (my oncologist here) reviews the results with Dr. Litton (my MD Anderson oncologist), they will decide whether I should get more chemo after my surgery.  The pathology results from surgery will validate their decision even more though.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday morning, 2/13.  Again, we pray for a complete healing and that all of the physicians are amazed at how the cancer has just vanished. A really sweet lady that I met for the first time today in the infusion room also has breast cancer (stage 4).  Before she left the treatment room, she asked if she could pray with me. I, of course, said "Yes, I would love that!"  I know what a difference it made to me, so I sort of wish I had more time in that room so that I could pray with others.  Instead, I will seek out other opportunities to do so.  There are opportunities around us daily if we look for them!

So, we have a busy road ahead of us with lots of appointments, surgery, etc.  But, for now, we are going to take a little time to celebrate the first big milestone: my last round of Taxol, and hopefully last round of chemo!

I received this certificate today, along with a little party in the chemo room!
Click here or view below to see a little clip of my last day of chemo party in the infusion room!

Celebrating with a smoothie, my certificate, beads and confetti hair!

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