Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nourishing Bytes: Enjoying our Cruciferous Veggies

I mentioned in a recent post that my family has been enjoying cruciferous veggies lately.  They are packed with nutrients, help prevent cancer and are actually pretty tasty.  They are pretty much wonder-veggies! How can you get your kiddos to enjoy these nutritious veggies?  First, have them help you cook them!  It seems Luke is always super-excited to try something that he helped to cook. 

Here, Luke enjoys preparing the brussels sprouts, pear and shallot medley.  He drizzles some olive oil.

Sprinkling some spices on top before roasting them in the oven.

Operating the pepper mill.
The delicious and nutritious result

We also combined some broccoli and butternut squash with some other veggies into a delicious frittata.

Luke shows off his belly.  He cleaned his plate!
I will include a few of the recipes we have enjoyed lately below.  I have taken photos of the recipes with my phone from the recipe books and included them below.  Do you have a delicious recipe that includes cruciferous veggies?  I would love to receive a copy!

from my "Power Foods" cookbook

another delicious recipe from my "Power Foods" cookbook

This delicious recipe is from Heidi Swanson's Cookbook, "Super Natural Every Day: Well-loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen."  We have loved every recipe we have tried in this cookbook.  Abbey's favorite is the wild-rice casserole, which she devoured!

Just in case you are interested in either of these cookbooks, here are the links to purchase them on Amazon:

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