Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silly Abbey!

This is the serious-faced Abbey
I know I've mentioned how silly our little one-year old, Abbey, is in the past.  But lately, she has even been cracking herself up.

A couple of nights ago, Abbey stuck a mega-block in her mouth.  Then, she made a funny sound and expelled it from her mouth rapidly.  She began laughing hysterically.  She attempted to do it again, but was laughing so hard that she could barely put it back in her mouth or even stand up.  Luke thought it was pretty funny also, so he joined in the fun.

Perhaps I should just show the video:

What she was actually doing wasn't the funny part to me.  What made me giggle is how she could barely even stand up or perform the action again because she was laughing so hard at herself.

Here are some recent photos I took with my phone of our girl being her silly self.

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