Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Because today's blog challenge was "A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)", I was a photojournalist yesterday.  Luke has school from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so yesterday was a little atypical for us compared to most of the week.  I apologize if this is too boring.  But, this was today's blog challenge, so here it goes.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7am: Rise and shine.  Abbey usually awakes first, followed by Luke.  I change their clothes (and Abbey's diaper), take Luke potty, and let Luke watch a little bit of morning cartoons.  While he's doing that and Abbey's playing, I get their breakfast ready.  Then, of course, they eat breakfast.

8am:  While they are content playing, I attempt to eat my breakfast and take my morning chemotherapy pill.  Inevitably, Abbey sees my cereal, even though she has eaten as much as an adult already, and decides she needs some of that too.   I usually feel pretty thankful when I am able to eat at least half of my granola in secret before she discovers it or I get distracted by a chore or something involved with looking after the kiddos .

My breakfast ritual--coconut chia granola and iced green tea.
After I scarf down breakfast, I make Luke's lunch for school and get all of his school stuff around for him.

Finger in belly Abbey is ready for the day.
 Then, we load up the car and head out to school around 8:45/8:50a.

9am:   We arrive at school.  Abbey and I drop Luke off at his classroom. a photo really necessary?

Abbey and I head back home and I put her down for her 2 hour morning nap. 

10-12pm:  This is amost glorious time for me.  I get 2 hours to do chores.   Today (Tuesday), I get to write part of this blog post and edit some photos.  It's also time to pay some bills, and do laundry, dishes and some meal planning.  After chores, I will attempt to eat before Abbey awakes.  Otherwise, she will want whatever is on my plate to eat!  On days when Luke is not in school, Luke and I play together and sometimes I attempt to do chores during Abbey's nap times.

12pm:  Abbey awakes and, of course, is hungry.   I haven't had a chance to eat lunch yet, so I prepare something for both of us.  Once she is finished and I have cleaned things up a bit, we head to the grocery story.  We are out of quite a bit of food right now.

12:50pm:  We arrive at the grocery store.  I then realize that it probably isn't a good idea to try to lift Abbey up into the seat of the cart (due to left arm lifting restrictions).  So, we just use the stroller and its basket underneath to gather the groceries that are bare necessities right now.  I will just have to come back alone for the the rest of our needed groceries.

At our house, necessities include a plethora of fruit!  First stop, produce!

1:35pm:  Arrive home from the store.  I unload the items that need to be kept refrigerated and then jump back into the van to pick up Luke from school.

2pm:  Pick up Luke from school.

Sweet big brother.   Here, he is holding Abbey's hand as they walk to the car from his classroom.
2:10pm:  We arrive home from school.   I unload the kids and Luke's school stuff, get Luke a snack and give Abbey some milk.  I also unload the dishwasher.

Yum!  Delicious watermelon!
Abbey played with some play-doh while Luke finished his watermelon snack.

 2:35pm:  Drew comes home from work to look after the kids for a bit during my afternoon of doctor appointments.  Abbey goes down for her afternoon nap and I head to my 2:45pm oncologist appointment for labwork and a quick nurse practitioner visit.  I was happy that I received a call on my way there from my radiation office's technician who said I can head straight to radiation after my doctor visit.  Otherwise, my normal radiation appointment time is at 4:30pm.  Hooray--this will make the rest of our afternoon/evening a little easier!  My nurse practitioner lowered my chemo dose, which should hopefully help out with some issues I have been having.  Now, time to head to radiation.

at my oncologist's office.  Happy for pretty good labs and a lowered chemo dose.

3:15pmRadiation treatment time.

I spend about 20 minutes in this room, receiving radiation.

Following radiation, I visit with the radiation oncologist. 
 4pm:  The visit with my radiation oncologist went well.  She prescribed me a new topical cream to go over the skin areas that are extremely irritated from the radiation treatment.  So, I head to the pharmacy upstairs within the oncology office to pick that up and also schedule some appointments for next week.

4:20pm:  Arrive back home.  I get to talk to Drew and see the kids for a few minutes before making dinner.  It is an early and quick dinner night because Luke has soccer practice at 5:30pm.

5:30pm:  Drew is at soccer practice with Luke while I stay home with Abbey.  I need to avoid the sun when possible during my treatment and it is pretty warm and sunny today.  Abbey finishes up eating, I clean up a bit and then we head upstairs to play. 

6:30pm: Give Abbey her nighttime milk.

6:45pm: Drew and Luke arrive home from practice.   Everyone has one bedtime snack (an apple).

7:30pm:  Drew and Luke take a shower and I get Abbey ready for bed.  Goodnight Abbey.

8pm:  Goodnight Luke.

8:30pm:  I'm exhausted (I'm feeling the effects of this chemo and radiation).  Drew has to work.  But at least we get to enjoy a little quiet time.  Literally---I have my quiet time with the Lord.

9pm:  I watch a little tv, finish this blog post, get ready for bed and take my evening chemotherapy dose...

and dream about doing this all over again tomorrow.  :-). I am thankful for each day God gives me here on earth!  I am feeling so blessed.


  1. Love the photos of your little ones, they are so cute.
    Your day is so busy, I'm not surprised you are tired by 8.30pm.

    Have a good day
    Rachel x

  2. Amazing...You are super mom! I found your page from the Link up. You are truly inspiring with what your day consists of and your kids are adorable! I don't think I'd be able to do all that you do with the chemo and radition on top of two kids.

  3. That's a busy day! You are a strong woman, chemo and radiation is pretty tough (my dad had to go through it). Your outlook on life is so amazing, all the best with the rest of your treatment.

    Take care
    Stopping by from the challenge.


  4. I found your blog from the link up. You are doing so fantastically well. I am also going through treatment for breast cancer, and like you, had absolutely no known risk factors so it is always such a shock. I love seeing people like youself, you are such an inspiration. I did want to say my cousin (by marriage) found her lump whilst she was breastfeeding and her children are now grown up and she is doing great, and so will you, you look like you have a wonderfully feisty spirit and with God on your side all things are possible. Regards, Jennifer

    1. Awww. That is great to hear. I love to hear stories like that! I will check out your blog too and keep you in my prayers.

    2. Awww. That is great to hear. I love to hear stories like that! I will check out your blog too and keep you in my prayers.