Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A list of links to my favorite archived posts

Today's blog challenge was to include a list of links to my favorite blog posts within my archives.

This is the easiest challenge to date.  The following posts are the most memorable for me.

1.  I have cancer.  (September 2012).  This was as shocking of a post to my friends and family as it was for me to receive the news.  My life was beginning to change drastically--forever.

2.  Trying not to "waste" my cancer.  I received a new perspective on cancer.
3.  Days 2-6 of my first round of chemo.  I wrote this post shortly after beginning chemo.  You can see that one of my fears with cancer was giving the kids as normal of a childhood as possible.  I wouldn't be able to give Luke the 3rd birthday party that I had hoped and I was concerned about that.  But, God takes care of everything--even these little details that bring us concern.  (see post #4).  

4.  Luke's 3rd birthday.  I love this little guy so much!

5.  On Thankfulness.  It's hard to believe I would have SO much joy and feel so extremely thankful just two months after receiving an advanced cancer diagnosis.  God has everything under control!

6.  Things I want to remember from the past week (volume 1.2)  (August 2012) This was the 2nd post in my "Things I want to Remember From the Past Week" posts.  I stopped this series when I received my cancer diagnosis, because the big "c" began consuming our lives.   But, now I am moving into survivorship mode and I think it may be a good idea to resume.   I really enjoyed reading the post again and remembering and appreciating the joy and the "struggles" I had at the time.  Things were pretty simple back then.  Yet, when I think about, life is no different then than it is now.   I am still a wife, mother, sister and friend.  I still have the same roles in life, just with a renewed perspective and a lot more doctor's appointments.  I love reading these old posts. 

7.  When Luke Broke His Arm (at 15 months). (January 2011) Talk about learning to give up control..this was a BIG lesson in our inability to control everything in our lives.  And---it was a very hard way to learn the lesson.

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