Monday, May 13, 2013

A Public Apology to My Son

I am that mom.  That soccer mom.

You know the one.  The one who gets uber excited as she watches her child play sports.  The one who yells from the sideline.  The one who screams "go go go" and "you can do it."  The annoying, loud sideline "cheerleader".

I had no idea I would be that mom.  I am sure everyone who truly knows me could have warned you that I would be that mom.  Somehow, I thought I could contain myself.  I honestly thought I could be more reserved and calm when it comes to watching my child play sports.  Who was I kidding?  I guess only myself.  :-)

Two Saturdays ago Luke had a 10am soccer game.  Because I knew it would be a little chilly during that time and 10am happened to be Abbey's naptime, I decided I would just stay home with her so she could get in a good morning nap.  (We tried to bring her to Luke's previous 10am game and it didn't go so well:  there was lots of fussing and I wasn't really able to watch the game anyway because of it.)  Plus, I will admit that I didn't have a lot of faith that Luke would actually play.  It was always a bit of a battle to get him to stay on the field.  There have been a multitude of pep talks and other creative motivators to get Luke to stay on the field (chasing after the ball would be an added benefit, but we were taking things one small step at a time).  Our little guy loves to practice and play soccer--just not at game time...against another team which has team members who are trying to steal the ball from our team.  Luke doesn't think the other team is very nice.   Anyway, the point is that I stayed home.  I stayed home---and Luke decided to be a soccer star.   He actually ran after the ball.  He even nearly scored a goal.  He stole the ball from the other team.  He stayed on the field the entire time he was needed.   He didn't need mommy or daddy on the field with him.  We had huge successes.  I was thankful that Drew captured some video with his phone.  Click here or view below our little soccer player (#5 on the lime green team).

This was a night and day difference from the team's first game.  In this short video below of our first game, you can see that we had 5 parents on the field (to the 4 players from our team on the field).  Also, you will see Luke running off the field shortly after play began.   The team has improved so much since that first game!

I will be honest and say that part of me wondered if Luke blossomed because I wasn't there.  Do I hinder him in any way?  Do I intimidate him--even a little bit?  Luke had an 8am game this past Saturday.  This would be the true test.   Not only would both Drew and I be present, but Drew's parents (Mimi and Papa) would also be cheering Luke on.   I tried to be calm.  I captured some video of Luke playing with my phone.   Unfortunately, when I watch it back, my loud, annoying voice prohibits me from being able to show it to anyone.  Again,  I was the loud cheerleader, "get it Luke", "good job Luke", "help him out Luke."  Luke wasn't quite as aggressive a player as he was the prior week.   He said he was tired.  Also, I noticed that Luke was pretty much joined at the hip with the only little girl on our team.  Oftentimes, he was not looking at the ball.  He was fixated on her face.   Wherever she was...there he was also.  Perhaps our little 3-year old is already becoming interested in girls.   Drew thinks he was just tired and not really paying attention to what was going on the field.  Whatever the case, I am just so happy that he was once again brave, and stayed on the field.  He wasn't afraid of the other team.   He even said that he had fun.   That makes this mom very happy!

So Luke, here it is:  my public apology.   I apologize that your mom is an excited person who thinks she is cheering you on and attempting to "motivate you."    Please feel free to let me know if I ever embarrass you.   Please let me know if there is a better way for me to motivate you.  But one thing will never change--I will always be your biggest cheerleader.  I AM your mom and I love you way too much for words to express.

(This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Blogging Challenge.  Day 13's challenge was to issue a public apology).  


  1. I'm enough older then you, you may not relate to this, but when I was a kid, kids played and parents stayed home. I think that was good. The kids learned from the coaches and from each other, without the embarrassment of parents being over anxious, trying to do the coaches job. I think parents today are too involved. Go to a game now and again, but not every game. Chat with other parents and don't watch all the time, or so intently. All kids do better when their parents aren't there, almost any coach will tell you that. Kids are generally more nervous when their parents are there. There has to be a middle ground between the parents who show no interest and never go, or never ask how it went vs the parents who are overly enthusiastic. I worked with a women who's husband was a college quarter back and then pro. He asked her not to come to the games because she couldn't control herself. She told me that one day at lunch. I've often wondered if she calmed down later in life, if she became a mother etc.

  2. I think it's sweet that you're so involved :) I will probably feel the same way when I'm a mother (hopefully) some day!

  3. Aww,sounds like my Momma. I doubt she will ever apologize though