Thursday, May 30, 2013

I can see the finish line of my cancer treatment!

I found out on Tuesday that my last day of treatment is not going to be on Friday.  Instead, it will be on Tuesday, June 5.  I had two more treatment boosts added to my plan, giving me a total of 35 treatments (7 weeks).  But, I am still so close to being finished.  Forever!  Drew and the kids are going to be at my final treatment on Tuesday so they can watch me ring the bell in the radiation department, which will signify the end of this stage!

It feels a bit surreal that I will be done with my cancer treatment.  I mean, I will still have reconstruction surgeries in about 6 months and beyond, but the chemotherapy and radiation will be complete.  Also, I will be taking the hormone therapy drug, tamoxifen for about 15 years, but still that is nothing compared to what I have been through.  After 9 months of regular treatment (and recently, visits every day to the doctor's office to get radiation therapy, labwork, follow-up, etc.), it will be strange not having this as part of my normal routine. Not that I am complaining!  :-)  I will just need to get into new routines.   I will still have oncologist appointments and labwork for a minimum of every 3 months for a while.

Now, on to important questions.  What do I do with this hair?  My goal is to grow my hair long again, but have fun with different styles along the way.  As you can see from this photo below, my hair is very thick, coarse and wavy.  Does anyone have any ideas for how to style it as it grows it out?  I haven't had a haircut yet and I am wondering if I can find a stylist who has experience with cancer patients who are trying to grow their hair out.  I have looked online, but not really seeing many gals with pixie styles and my hair type.  Also, since I am planning on growing it out, I feel like cutting it will be counter-productive.  What do I do in between this stage and the bob cut?

I wear a headband every day, and while it looks ok, it is going to get old.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Feel free to email me.  :-)

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