Monday, May 13, 2013

Radiation update: 20/33 treatments completed!

Radiation and Chemo Update:

I just thought I would give a radiation therapy update since I am over halfway through my treatments.   I ended up not increasing my chemo dosage until last week on Monday (5/6).  I am now taking 500mg of Xeloda in the morning and 1000 mg at night.  The only side effects are nausea and tiredness.  The toughest part of the day is the afternoon.

I meet with my radiation oncologist every Tuesday after my treatments. On Tuesday, my skin still looked pretty good considering I was 3 weeks into treatment.  However, by the following day, the effect of the increased chemo dosage reared its ugly head.  My skin turned bright red in the treatment area and began to bubble a bit.  So, the radiation oncologist prescribed a prescription ointment to apply 3 times per day.   I am hoping it begins helping soon, because the treatment area is pretty painful.  I meet with my regular oncologist's Nurse Practitioner tomorrow.  My regular oncologist is responsible for prescribing the chemotherapy.   So, I am wondering if she will increase my dose, decrease it or keep it the same.   I really don't know how my skin looks compared to other women who are at this stage into the radiation therapy treatments.   Last week, the radiation oncologist was very pleased with my skin (this was prior to the increased redness and bubbling).   I meet with her again tomorrow afternoon as well, so I will ask her how she feels I am faring compared to other patients (with or without chemo).   

Hair update:

It is beginning to get pretty warm here. As summer approaches, I am considering my hair options.   My hair is still too short for a cut, although I did even my "bangs" out a few days ago.  I am about ready to rock the pixie look though, because my favorite wig is getting a bit nappy.  In the past I said that as soon as I can get a haircut, I won't wear a wig any longer.   However, the back of my hair is too short still for a trim.   My hair is extremely crazy looking right now, but it might just have to do.   This is a terrible and embarrassing photo, but I thought I would share the progress.  It has actually only been 3 months since my last chemo dose that had negative hair effects.  

It remains clear to me that God is carrying me through all of this.  I continue to see His hand orchestrating things.  I am so thankful He is in control of my life.  This gives me perfect peace.   Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.   

Love, Heather 

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