Friday, June 7, 2013

Are you ready for some serious cuteness?

Are you ready for some serious cuteness? If so, then continue reading.  This morning, I read on one of the blogs that I frequent ( about a farm on the East side of town that offers "Free Family Fridays".  On Fridays, from 10a-2pm, families can visit the farm for free, as well as buy produce, eggs, or meats from their farm stand.  Since we are in the middle of our "Real Food" pledge, I thought this would be an ideal activity for me and the kids to check out. Today. 

This was an extremely spontaneous decision for me.  First, Abbey normally naps from 9:30-11:30a and from 2:30-4:30.  I decided to leave the house around 9:45a, with plenty of snacks and fluids as we jetted out to the farm in East Austin.  Abbey doesn't sleep in the car.  So, I knew this would mean she would only get one nap for the day.   But, I feel like Abbey has been somewhat deprived of fun adventures that I would have normally planned had cancer not shown up.  We have been cooped up a bit for the past 9 months during the weekdays.

We arrived at the farm around 10:15am.   Apparently, many other moms also read the blog post about the Free Fridays.  I squeezed under a tree to snag the last "parking space" available.  I was determined to give these kids a fun experience today.  And...the experience did not disappoint.  I captured some photos of our little adventure at the farm.  This is where the cuteness comes in.  I cannot get over how cute Abbey looks in her little hat and workout outfit!

This really isn't a great picture, but I love the expression on the face of the boy next to Abbey.
Our first stop was to check out the free range chickens, goats and horses. 

And then there were these MASSIVE pigs. I mean...the biggest pigs I have ever seen in my life.

You really can't tell how big they are by these photos.  I tried to get Luke to stand in front of one so I could show Drew how big they were, but Luke doesn't pose for photos.

Of course, Luke needed to check out the big tractor.
But, he was really disappointed that he didn't have a key to turn it on and drive it.  I am being serious.  He said, "But mommy, I need to turn it on and drive it."  He got to "drive" grandpa's tractor once, and I guess it was a very fond memory for him.
And then we walked around where some normal size pigs were roaming. 

Obviously, these weren't roaming at the time.  But, I think it is so cute how Luke was helping Abbey.

The two pictures above this were actually taken after this one.  Abbey tripped in the pig area and we believe she may have touched some old pig poop (don't worry, I sanitized her really well afterwards.)  I love this photo as it shows the stereotypical difference in boys and girls.  Abbey has a disgusted look on her face and Luke is looking at her poopy hand and laughing.

We left the farm without any produce or other products in hand. Apparently, the farm was not prepared for the number of visitors it received at that time (thanks to that blog post).  Also, they have a kids' camp going on at the same time, and it was snack time for the kids. So, the area where the small stand was located had a huge crowd.  We decided to head back home for lunch.  But, it was a fun experience for the kids.

Those pictures were ok.  But, this is really the serious cuteness I am talking about...

Abbey and Luke were racing tonight in our house before bed.  I love that Abbey walks around (and runs) with her finger in her belly button.  She loves her belly button.
She despises wearing onesies because doing so denies her access to the belly button (and honestly, I am not really a fan of onesies either, due to her >98%height.) 

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