Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend (Oh, and our 5th Anniversary!)

It was a pretty big weekend, with our 5th wedding anniversary and father's day packed in there.  I am feeling so blessed to have Drew as my hubby and father to our children.  I truly could not have dreamed of a more perfect partner for myself and father for our kids.  He is kind, loving, funny, athletic, loves adventures (like I do), and of course, handsome.  There are many other wonderful adjectives as well for him.  But, he also just balances me out so perfectly and is my best friend.  He knows I love fun adventures (as does he) every weekend, and he knows I am a planner.  He is more laid back, so it works out very well when he comes home on Friday from work and I have an agenda for our fun weekend together.

On Friday night (our anniversary), Luke had a VBS carnival, so we went to that.  After the kids went down for bed, we watched a movie together.  It was nice to have some peaceful alone time with my hubby.

But then, we had some adventures in store for the weekend.  On Saturday morning, we visited a farm that is within Austin (just on the east side of town).  Boggy Creek Farm has a market day every Saturday, so we thought we'd check out their offering of fresh, local and organic meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits.

checking out the chickens
Here is a little raw, unedited video of Luke and Abbey checking out the chickens.

After we left the farm (empty handed simply because we couldn't decide what to buy), we went down the street to a cool, new local restaurant to eat.   We called that our anniversary lunch.  :-)  And, we even made a stop to do something "touristy":

Of course, we later found some parks along the way to stop and let the kids play.  As quickly as Luke dashes around a playscape, it is often difficult to capture a good photo of him, but I caught one of Drew:

We also included some outdoor family photo location scouting into our weekend.  I am going to snap some photos of a family that we are friends with on Wednesday.  So, I wanted to scout out some good locations, since my favorite place (which had tall grass and beautiful wildflowers) is starting to die out with the heat.  We had fun with that and made sure we played at every location we visited.   See my next post for some photos of our fun adventures with photo location scouting.

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