Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our pictures.

We have become much more intentional about taking photos of everyday things lately.  When I look back at photos that captured memories of our experiences, my favorites are always the ones of our normal everyday experiences rather than the "posed" photos of special occasions. Plus, photography has become a fun hobby for me, and I want to improve my skills.  So, I have kept the camera a lot closer by lately.

Here it is.....our weekend in pictures: pictures mom!  (Luke on Friday morning with his "bed head").  Here, he is making a card for one of his friends.
If you lose Abbey for a second, just look for the trail of books.

I spy a Luke! (Yes, he is playing with a dollhouse.  But, he is playing destroy the house with a knight.)
Taking a break from playing to peek out her window.

Playing with Abbey's vanity set.  I love the remnants of the dinosaur tattoo on his arm that he doesn't want to come off!
Hmmm...Do I make that face when I put blush on?
Can't forget the lipstick!

On Saturday, we went to Luke's last soccer game. He had a lot of fun!

Probably my favorite picture of the weekend.  It doesn't need words.
We visited a couple of awesome farmers markets to prepare for our pledge (it starts tomorrow morning!)
There were so many vendors and so little time!

Then, I went to a baby shower for a dear friend who is expecting their first baby--a son.  The shower was full of adorable details.  I just had to take some photos!

Isn't this such a cute idea?
Love it!
The beautiful momma, Jessi!
Later, we visited the library and played in the fountain across the street from it.

We had a fun-filled busy weekend.  But, I've probably included enough photos for one post. Stay tuned for another bubbles post.

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