Monday, June 17, 2013

Outdoor Photo Location Scouting Adventures

We had some fun this weekend checking out some new locations for outdoor family portraits.  My favorite location is starting to become a mess of dead foliage, so I needed some new options.  We made sure to stop by nearby parks and such as well so we could let the kids have some fun along the way.

I love this old building.
This old shed made for a cool backdrop as well.
We found some cool old train cars that had been graffitied.
Then, we found a playscape for Abbey and Luke to have some fun.

I love their faces here!
On Sunday, we visited our neighborhood community center for some photos.  I was practicing shooting in complete manual mode, which I found was extremely difficult with children moving into different lighting situations (shade, bright sun, part sun).  But, it was great practice at improving upon a hobby.


Drew held onto Abbey, because we were pretty sure that otherwise she would have jumped in.

Sorry for 3 similar pictures in a row--I just love Abbey and Drew in all 3 of these!

I think this would be a pretty location for a family portrait.

Tomorrow, I will post a summary of our "Real Food Pledge" completion (Days 6-10).  Yes---we did finish it, I just haven't had a chance to post anything about it.  :-)  We loved the challenge and will be incorporating the principles into our normal lifestyle.

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