Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Family Adventures: Blue Hole along the San Gabriel River

I LOVE an adventure!  I try to have a mini-adventure with the kids every day.   But, the weekends are times for bigger adventures as a family with daddy!

This morning we kept it simple and headed up the road a few miles to Georgetown.  Near one of our favorite restaurants, El Monumento, is a fun little hiking trail near Blue Hole.  Blue hole is a scenic lagoon, bordered by tall limestone rock formations.

So pretty!

Luke loved climbing on the big rock formations along the trail.
Abbey enjoyed climbing atop the rock formations too, but she took the careful route--the man-made stairs.
checking out how far she had come.
Next, we had to check out the water.

Daddy was showing the kids how to select good "skipping stones."   Drew is a skipping stone expert.  I am....well...not so much. 
finding the perfect stone.

trying to select a proper skipping stone.

Abbey very carefully selected stones.
And she enjoyed tossing them into the water just as much (or maybe even more) than Luke did.
If you look closely, you can see fish in the clear water. these guys.  There were several groups of people (and one crane) fishing while we were there.   We even saw them catch some fish while we hiked.
Abbey and Daddy looking for fish.
Abbey found some pretty little purple flowers.
Luke eventually gave up searching for the ideal skipping stone and just began throwing lots of stones in.  Surely, one of them will skip, right?
We saw all sorts of fun things we don't normally see at home: interesting bugs, fish, pretty little flowers, fun river stones....and......crab legs?

We worked up an appetite and were very conveniently located next to one of our favorite restaurants.  El Monumento is awesome.  Like one of our other favorites by the same owner, Monument Cafe, this restaurant sources its food locally and everything is natural and/or organic.  They serve home-style, made from scratch Interior Mexican fare.  The restaurant is surrounded by beauty as it sits above the San Gabriel River.  They also (just like Monument Cafe) even have their own gardens where they source a lot of their food.  There truly is nothing like eating really fresh, local food.  After eating, we always like exploring the grounds of the restaurant.  What a treat!

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