Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A day in the life of a 63 year-old dress!

The last time that Drew's parents visited us, they brought with them an adorable little dress for Abbey.  But, this wasn't one of the cute outfits that they would normally pick up at Ross or TJ Maxx (my favorite stores).  This one was different.  This one is vintage.....63 years old vintage.  And it is a special dress too--Drew's mom wore this dress when she was Abbey's age.  So, Drew's mom brought it along, thinking it may be cute for Abbey to wear for a photo.

The dress was hanging up in the closet for a while.  We have just been so busy and it slipped my mind that I had not put her in the dress yet.  So yesterday, I put the dress on her and had fun taking some photos of her.  Once I put the dress on her, I fell in love with it.  It made me want to try to find other cute vintage dresses for Abbey!

Without further adieu, here it is.....a day in the life of a 63 year old dress.

Yes, this is a sundress.  And yes, those are candy canes.  And, of course, Abbey is digging for her belly button in this photo.
She is bending down to pick up the monster truck in such a girly fashion.

Daddy's girl

testing out the dress's wind resistance

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