Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just Pretending (and continuously melting my heart)

It brings me so much joy to watch our kids play.  And lately, there has been less side-by-side play and more together play.  Well, at least if Abbey had it her way, there would be more together play.

I don't want to forget these moments.  When I sit there watching Luke and Abbey, or participating with them, and find myself with a smile that just won't go away, I know it is probably a time I should pull out the camera and snap some memories.  So, that is what I did today.  I love watching Luke and Abbey pretend.  At 20 months, Abbey seems to be doing it at a younger age than Luke did, but perhaps I am not remembering well.  Her favorite things to pretend with are baby dolls and "choo choos" (aka trains).

They started out playing like this.  Together.  

But, as many brothers and sisters do, they soon realized their story lines were going in different directions.

While Abbey was playing calmly and sweetly with the loving family people, Luke decided to ditch the people and grab his dragon.  The dragon began attempting to break into the sweet home.  After his head got stuck, Luke decided to go a different direction with the dragon.

If the dragon couldn't get into the house, he would bring the home's furnishings to the dragon.  Well, at least the kitchen.  He had a birthday party for the dragon, complete with decorated pink cupcakes.

All of the above was going on while Abbey continued to play sweetly with the people in the house.  Her favorite person in the "loving family" is the little pink baby.
Baby went through a lot of Abbey's normal daily routine.  She ate, played, and went potty.
Then, she did the most precious thing.  She put baby onto a bed and covered her up.  But, the cuteness didn't stop there.  Then, she began finding all of the loving family members and had them each go to baby in the bed and give her a kiss (along with the words, "night night").  She was replicating our nightly routine where she goes to each of us and gives us a kiss goodnight.   I just sat there and watched as my heart melted.  

Both of our kids continuously melt my heart.  Tonight, before Luke went to bed, we prayed downstairs together (just him, Drew and me).  We prayed about my PET scan that I have tomorrow.  We prayed that it would show no cancer in my body--no evidence of disease (NED).  We prayed for NED!  As Drew prayed aloud, Luke also muttered words in prayer.  For example, he said, "yes Lord" as Drew would pray something that he agreed with.  I couldn't help but smile. Then, of course, he gave me one of his awesome hugs, big ole' lip smacking kiss and a "goodnight mommy--I love you."  My heart is full.  

I can't believe that we are only a week from me being a one-year cancer survivor.  I pray that this year will involve a lot less medical procedures, and that I will be cancer free, so I can get out and love on other people as they have for me this past year!    

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