Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"No Cancer" Celebration Weekend!

After my wonderful news on my PET scan Friday, I came home and gave my family LOTS of hugs.  I just couldn't stop smiling.

We really wanted to celebrate this weekend.  But, you don't have to "go out" or have a party to celebrate.  We had a lot to do around the house and had errands to run since we were out of town for the long labor day weekend. So, we just enjoyed each other all weekend long.

Our kids truly bring me so much joy...along with a ton of smiles.  Abbey has been loving "racing".  Now, she usually races alone, so I am not sure if you can really call it "racing."  Perhaps she is trying to achieve a specific time goal that she has set for herself.   I can already tell at 20 months that our little girl is going to be competitive.

First, Abbey lines up against a nearby wall. Then, she tells you she's ready.
Drew or I say "On your mark....get set....GO!"
And....She's Off!  Go, Abbey Go!  She giggles the whole way.
And, the best part is that she runs straight to whomever is at the end of the race and smothers them with a huge Abbey hug!   It truly is the best!

On Saturday, before running errands we stopped by a nearby park.  Abbey was busy exploring at the park.  Luke wanted to bring his sidewalk chalk since we really don't have many places to use it at our house.


Luke was multi-tasking...keeping an eye on what was going on at the playground and creating a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk.  (Oh--and that is Abbey's pink cup--not his.)
Abbey continued to explore.  A Miss Independent she is!

A trip to the park wouldn't be complete without some playing on the playground equipment though.   But, you can see here that Luke is now keeping an eye on his chalk art in the distance. He wants to make sure no one is messing it up. 
On Saturday afternoon and night we enjoyed a little college football while we accomplished some household chores.  We don't have ESPN (I know, that is terrible, right), so we were happy to be able to get Ohio State and Oklahoma football games on our television on Saturday.  I started this thing many years ago where I do push ups and sit ups for every point scored by OU.  So, if they score a touchdown, I do 7 push ups and 7 sit-ups.  Then, the next time they score (say they get a field goal), and the score is 10, I will do 10 push ups and 10 sit-ups.  Let's just say that I got a TON of great exercise every Saturday while Sam Bradford was OU's quarterback.  Unfortunately though on Saturday, I wasn't yet cleared to do push ups (and I still probably shouldn't do them).  So, I decided to do some squats for every score instead.   The exercise felt awesome.  I looked over beside me one time while I was doing the squats and I noticed Abbey was doing them also!   She had PERFECT form.   That girl is so observant.  I told her to go show daddy her squats and captured a quick video with my phone.  It isn't great, but at least I got it somewhat on video.  Here she is:


Now when she was doing them beside me, she wasn't holding onto anything.  I guess she wanted to make sure her form looked perfect for daddy.

She also got a pretty big kick out of the sound she can make with her bare, clammy feet on our wood floors.   It is pretty cute.  Here is that video.

So there you go.  Our weekend of enjoying our lives together this past weekend in celebration of NO CANCER!  We finished off the weekend with fellowship with our church missional community group on Sunday night.  We love those people!

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