Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Life Post-Emergency Surgery #2

Our life is actually pretty normal post emergency surgery #2.  I still have lifting restrictions, but, thankfully, Drew's awesome parents stayed with us Tuesday night-Friday of last week.  This enabled Drew to go into the office instead of having to work from home.

Breakfast with Papa.

I am LOVING this new (well, vintage 50's) chair we picked up off a craigslist posting.  The kids love to help me cook.  And, the chair has two steps that pull out so they can easily and safely climb up and help me cook at our island in the kitchen.  

When Mimi and Papa come to visit, Papa usually picks one morning to make a run to Rudy's (a local bbq place) for breakfast tacos (it's a Texas thing).  Luke and Abbey love this special treat.  Last week, Luke got one (Abbey had already eaten two bananas and some granola for breakfast.)  But, this is what happens when big brother leaves his food sitting out on the little red kids' table:

little sis eats it!

How am I feeling?
I no longer have fever.  My incision doesn't hurt at all.  My scars are healing.  The only new symptom I have been having lately is that I am SO sleepy in the afternoon.  I am hoping it is just due to my body getting over the infection in my blood.  The sleepiness began the day after I finished my antibiotic.  So, perhaps it has something to do with that?  My oncologist's office called me last week and REALLY wanted me to reschedule the PET scan.  So, they scheduled it for Friday morning (9/6).  I am praying for a "no evidence of disease (NED)" report so we can have a "free from cancer/NED" party!

You know I must be feeling pretty well when we decide to head down to the Houston area over Labor Day weekend to visit Drew's side of the family.   Just one week post-emergency surgery and we were on a road trip.  Praise the Lord!  Drew's birthday was on Saturday (8/31).   Look what fun gift Drew got from his parents for his birthday!  A toy!  And, a REALLY fun toy, at that!

Lazer Tag!
And not just one set..or two.  But, four sets.  So friends, if you come over to our house, you may just be assigned a team and handed some lazer tag equipment!
We had so much fun playing lazer tag this weekend.  It brought back memories from when my brothers got two sets back in the 80's.  We used to have so much fun playing lazer tag with neighborhood kids.  Drew is really enjoying his birthday gift!  You can even use an ipod touch or iphone with these guns for even more interactive play!

We also had fun with family.  We celebrated our nieces' 6th birthday this weekend as well.

Luke and Audrey and Lauren (our nieces) got to hang out at a fun children's pool on Saturday.

Our niece, Audrey.

With all of my surgeries and radiation, etc. this past summer, Luke hasn't gotten much pool time.  So, he literally "soaked" it up.  :-)

Water slides with his cousin, Lauren.

Then, On Sunday, we celebrated these little princesses' birthday:

Princess Lauren

Princess Audrey reads a little mermaid birthday card.
Abbey enjoyed playing with all of the princesses' toys while they opened gifts.

Happy 6th birthday to Audrey and Lauren! 

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