Saturday, October 12, 2013

My New Normal

I wrote last month about finding a "new normal" in my life.   After going through a year of cancer treatment, it became my normal.   Now that active treatment is over, I find myself creating new routines.  I am thrilled to be able to get out with my kids, but I sometimes wonder if I am going in the wrong direction---to the other extreme from being hermit.

I find my new normal involving a new family gym membership at the YMCA (free for 3-months thanks to the Livestrong Cancer Survivor program) with visits several times per week, attending a free 6-week cooking class (another cancer survivor "perk"), attending an intense but really fun Bible Study through Bible Study Fellowship, "homeschooling" Luke, seeking out groups of other homeschooling kids, Luke starting AWANA at a local church and starting gymnastics (at the YMCA) to name a few things.  Last week was also crazy with a couple of extra activities added in there: speaking at a local church's women's ministry event, and then planning and having Luke's 4th birthday party.  After feeling like I may be going a bit extreme with my "involvement" in activities, I really began praying about it.   I truly felt God-led to sign up for all of these things, but I began to wonder why he would have me be this busy?  This "busy-ness" is something that the old Heather would often find herself in.  So, most of me wondered if it was me and not God that wanted to make my life this busy.  And if it was me, why was I doing this to myself?   

Well, God has been confirming that this is where He wants me.  I am meeting SO many new people that I would otherwise never have met through all of these activities.  Many of these people are very different than me, which I am excited about.  I am praying for opportunities to love them and share the gospel with them.  The old Heather would have been a little stressed by all the commitments, but God has given me a new heart.  This new heart is one that seeks out people to love and finds joy in everything.  I am grasping on to this heart, because I don't want to lose this new-found perspective. 

Cancer is definitely not something I would have chosen for myself, but God knew what I needed.  I love this joy that He has gifted me with--joy that I KNOW can only come from above.

I just wanted to share a little bit about where my heart is right now.  It also may explain why my posts have slowed down a bit.  Enough talk though.   You know my posts just HAVE to include photos.  We enjoyed a wonderful time last weekend with my parents.  It was packed full of activities (including Luke's party and party planning), but we found SO MUCH JOY in all of it.


Grandpa and Luke trying to skip stones
Trying to select the perfect skipping stone.
The balloons from Luke's party began losing helium.  Which made them even more fun to play with!


We attended a "chalk walk" in our downtown last weekend.  They had pony rides available to kiddos and Luke decided he wanted to ride.  It was his birthday weekend!

Abbey cried because she wanted to ride also.  But, then when we attempted to put her on the pony, she changed her mind.   Funny little girl!
Love her!

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