Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We have a 4-year old!

Our little guy is growing up.   Drew and I comment pretty regularly that he has morphed from a toddler into a little boy so quickly.  He is such a special little boy.   I wanted him to know just how special we thought he was, so we planned a big dinosaur birthday party and invited some of his friends.  We weren't able to have a party with friends last year, due to me being in chemotherapy treatment.   So, this was not only going to be special for Luke, but I was pretty excited to be well and able to plan it for him.

My parents had planned on visiting in October, so they timed their visit for Luke birthday weekend.   We were so glad to have them in town to help celebrate.   When I asked Luke a couple of months ago what kind of party he wanted to have, he replied enthusiastically, "A DINOSAUR PARTY!"  So, we went with it.

Dinosaur prints on our sidewalk leading to our front door

I was glad he picked the dinosaur theme, because we already had plenty of things I could use for decorations (dinosaurs, greenery, little palm trees, little volcanoes.)  I was also able to find some free printables online, so I didn't have to buy a dinosaur-themed happy birthday sign.  I was really able to do this themed party on a very small budget.

We had food for herbivores (plant eaters), carnivores (meat eaters) and dessertivores (those who eat dessert).


But, the most important part was that we got to celebrate with great friends.   Luke loved all of us singing to him.   Can you tell by his precious little face?

Some of our guests....time to eat cookies and cake!
Luke didn't waste any time!
One of our friends, Gavin.
Luke's friend, Krystal.
I think the kids had fun on their dinosaur egg hunt and the dinosaur dig (in our sand pits).

We hated to say goodbye to our friends, but we are so thankful they came to help make Luke's birthday special for him.  We had some fun times with them on Saturday!

My birthday note to Luke:  

Precious Luke,  Mommy and daddy love you SO much!   Way more than words can ever express.  We hope you felt like a special little guy at your party, because we think you are pretty awesome.  You have such a tender, kind heart, and are so loving.  Yesterday, we were shopping and you wanted to spend some birthday money from your great uncle Doug and great aunt Cindy.  You asked me if you could buy Abbey something with your birthday money.  You picked out a baby doll and asked if you could buy that for her.   My heart just melted.   I redirected you to buy something for yourself after, of course, praising you for the thoughtful gesture.  You picked something on which you could use your creativity.   You love creating and building things.   You also have a great imagination.  I am excited to see this blossom even more as you continue to grow.   Lastly Luke, you make me smile every day.   You make me smile by doing something funny, break-dancing, singing in your beautiful voice, or simply with your hugs, kisses and "I love you, Mommy"'s.   You ask me every day if you look bigger.  I am pretty sure you really look up to your daddy and want to be just like him in so many ways.   Lately, as you have been learning Bible verses, you have been asking a lot about God and Jesus.   You are an inquisitive little boy and I am excited that you want to know more about my Savior.  Luke, you are loved by so many!   You are an extra-special son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. 

(So, stay tuned for more blog updates.)

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