Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Little Model

Our little girl lets me take her photo....and this photographer mama loves it!  A couple of days ago I was showing the kids photos from every Christmas since Drew and I have been married.  They enjoyed seeing themselves grow up, and Abbey got a kick out of seeing that she was in my belly a couple of Christmases ago.

I had just begun setting up a photo booth wall for a tacky sweater white elephant Christmas party we are hosting at our house on Sunday.  So, I asked the kids if they wanted to be my models to pose for a couple of pictures to test out our little booth.  Abbey eagerly shouted, "Yeah!".  Then, I asked her if I could put a pretty Christmas dress on her.  Again, she eagerly shouted, "Yeah!!!!", as she ran to her closet.  We selected a beautiful dress that is a hand-me-down from my sister's girls.

As soon as it was on Abbey, she put a great big grin on her face and then began twirling, in true girly-girl fashion.  Then, I asked her if she wanted a bow in her hair and some pretty shoes.  Again, she exclaimed, "Yeahhhhhhh!"  So, we completed the outfit and then headed downstairs to our make-shift photo booth.

Right away, she began posing and, unfortunately, began saying, "cheese!"  I'm not sure where she got that (okay, I admit I say it anytime someone takes a photo of me).  You can tell she is saying, "Chhhhheeeese!" in this picture:

Our little girly-girl!
Sweet little feet.  I know I am going to miss these little feet some day.  May as well get a photo of them while I can.
I can't wait to get pictures of our guests and their Tacky Christmas Sweaters on Sunday.  Drew and I have some doozies (tacky sweaters) ready!

Okay---a couple more photos to share.  Here is another guy, the youngest little one in our community group right now) that modeled for me this past Saturday.  He is a natural and I know he has two very proud parents!  Capturing little snapshots in time like this makes me so happy! They grow up too quickly!

He is already flirting with the camera!

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