Monday, January 6, 2014

Post Chemo Hair Update (almost one year post-chemo).

My hair is really growing and is starting to look normal again.   Hooray!   I am beyond excited about this.  I finished up my last round of chemotherapy (Taxol) on 2/1/2013.  My hair slowly began growing towards the end of my treatment, but wasn't actually "filled in" until May.  I have had one haircut (in June) since it started growing.  The main reason I cut it was to get rid of what I call the "Taxol hair" (weird, sporadic little fuzzy hairs that grew during that treatment).  Also, the hair stylist got rid of the mullet that was quickly forming.

I don't take many selfies with my phone.  First, my phone doesn't take the best quality photos.  But, here are a few I found, just to document the progress.  Actually, these shots are pretty embarrassing.  I am only including these terrible photos in order to give someone else, who is growing her hair out, a little bit of hope (and a few tips) during the process.  

May 13, 2013
May 30, 2013
June 12, 2013

And here it is recently:

Woo hoo!  No daily headband required any longer.

A blurry back shot.  It's actually not too "mullet-y" right now.
Can you believe I even put my hair into a little pony tail last week?  I am so glad I followed that hair dresser's advice and did not get any more hair cuts.  If you want to grow your hair out, you just have to push through the awkward phase.  During the phase, pretty headbands and distracting large earrings are your best friends.

Here is another tip for those growing out your hair and are in the phase I am currently in.  I have found that bobby pins are my friend right now.  I use them on the sides to keep the hair down.  This prevents a "fro" look, which my style would definitely be should I not use any tools such as barrettes and bobby pins.  You can do a lot with bobby pins and barrettes!

My goal hair style is the reverse bob.  Here is an example (this girl seems to have similar hair texture as me):

I am going to guess that I am about 4 inches away from having this style, due to my length in front.  But, it is still exciting that I am getting closer to this fun style.  And, I am having fun with different looks along the way.

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