Monday, January 13, 2014

Pure Joy!

I don't have many words to type today, except to continue to ask for prayer (see yesterday's post).   But, I would like to share some photos of some moments that make me smile.   My "style" of photography is storytelling.  I don't really enjoy taking "posed" pictures as much, because they can seem a little lifeless to me.  I like to capture personalities, because that is truly what I want to remember about my kids at this age, not just what they looked like.  

little sweetie pie.

Goodness, I love him!  Here, he is laughing at something that Abbey is saying.  Also, he is proudly wearing stamps on his hands that he got form Awana Cubbies.
I hit the jackpot today!   He never lets me take his picture.
So, I am just going to keep on snapping.  He loves dinosaurs right now.
Luke wanted to wear his rain boots, because we were about to head outdoors and the grass was pretty wet.   Abbey was upset that she didn't have any rain boots.  So, I pulled these out of her closet (I bought them used, but they are still a couple sizes too big).   She was happy though.
Little Miss Sassypants.
She's trying to give me a look of disapproval for something (not sure what).
Ok...couldn't resist one more of this handsome guy.
It was time to head outdoors.  Those boots were too large for Abbey.  I asked her to put her "fast shoes" on (running shoes), but instead, like always, she grabbed these.   These are her $5 croc-like shoes I picked up at H.E.B (our local grocery store) last summer.  They are her favorite shoes and she wants to wear them every. single. day.  It doesn't matter if she is wearing a dress, tights, or even if it is 2 degrees outside, those are the shoes she selects.  On most days, I just go ahead and let her wear them. 

Proud of herself for getting into the little wagon all by herself.  Now, she wants to be pulled around.
Excited about something she sees in the sandbox!
I love her dark eyes!  And, she already knows how to work them, unfortunately.

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