Friday, February 14, 2014

My Funny Valentines!

Do you want to see pictures of a couple of my valentines?   These are a couple of little people with whom I spend a majority of my time.   You probably guessed who my funny little valentines are this year:

My Handsome little man.
Enough of the pictures mommy....time for silliness to ensue....

Luke and Abbey were eating bananas.  I told them they were my little monkeys.  So, of course, she had to start stomping around, and making monkey sounds.
And then, the pretty outfit came off...

Luke thinks Abbey is pretty funny,
And she snuck in a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich between pictures somehow.  I am not sure how much of it ended up in her belly, as you can see much of it is on her face. 
silly girl
Luke then decided he wanted to change into a new outfit.  This is what he selected.  

Perhaps he is trying to bring back the 80's tall sock look. funny valentines!


  1. Oh how cute!!! Your kids crack me up---enjoy them--they grow up too fast!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Bonnie! They have me laughing every day!