Friday, February 21, 2014

Pigtails and Personality

I am thrilled that Abbey's hair is finally to the length that allows a couple of cute little pigtails.  Her hair has been slow to grow and fill in.  But, now that is has begun growing, it is really picking up some speed and making up for missed time.

In the past, anytime I have fixed her hair up really cute, it has only lasted for a short period of time before she undid my work.  I was pleasantly surprised that the pigtails lasted a long time.  That is, until we got into the car.  When we get into the car, Abbey's routine is to remove every article of clothing and accessory possible.  This means socks, shoes, and hair accessories.  So, as soon as we got outside of our neighborhood and I looked back at her, I noticed she had no shoes on and her cute little pigtails were no more.  Oh well!  We are going to keep trying them so she can get used to them, because they are just way too stinkin' adorable.

Here are just a few photos I took the other day that show her pigtails, and, of course, her big personality!

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