Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Celebration & Some Good News

Of course, the reason our family celebrates Easter (Jesus' death and then resurrection on the cross, thus fulfilling prophecy and becoming the ultimate sacrifice for our sins) is the best news.  But, I also have some other good news to share.  I visited my oncologist on Tuesday.  And, while she didn't have the complete results from my bone marrow biopsy, she did receive some preliminary results, which showed no bone marrow cancer.  Can I get a "Praise the Lord"?  Apparently, that was her biggest concern.  What is even more miraculous, is almost ALL the blood counts that were low went up significantly.  There are now only a few numbers low, and two of them are just barely low. My white blood count actually went up several points, and was higher than it has been since I began chemo in September 2012.  My platelets are still low, but they went up considerably.  She isn't concerned at all by my counts now, since they are now headed in the right direction.  Woo hoo!  I am hoping to know the complete results soon though.  When I find out, I will report them here, since I am excited to celebrate these direct answers to prayer.  There is really no other explanation for this drastic positive change in bloodwork.   Thank you so much, prayer warriors!

Shortly after my biopsy on Friday, we headed to Oklahoma to visit my family.  Easter is one of the holidays that my family and my extended family on my mom's side all get together for a big dinner and easter egg hunt.  So, it is an awesome opportunity to get together with a lot of family.  I also got to chat with some old friends from church when we went to the church's easter egg hunt.  We had a great time hanging out all weekend long, and I am so glad that we decided to make the last minute trip.  And of course, I have tons of photos to share.

On Saturday morning, we went to the church easter egg hunt and party.  The kids had a blast!

During the egg hunt, Abbey was more about celebrating each individual egg than attempting to get as many possible!

Our littlest niece, Natalie, is growing up too fast!
Luke and Traber waiting in line together for one of the inflatables.
The boys loved this one!

Although, their faces showed a tiny bit of fear on the way down.
Later, we colored easter eggs.

Abbey had an innovative way of decorating her eggs--she used the crayon as a little paint brush.

If you look closely at Kaylee's fingernails, you can see tiny bunnies painted on them.  I learned something new last weekend:  my brother, Jason has a hidden talent.  He painted those on, and apparently, he paints Kaylee's nails frequently.
On Sunday after church, we had to take the obligatory Easter Sunday family photos.  We thought the old glider by the pond at my parents' house made for a nice, rustic photo.

Since Emily had to work at church, I snapped a photo of their kids:  Brody, Natalie and Kaylee
Abbey absolutely loved playing with Kaylee all weekend.  

My sister, Holly and her family (Linnea, Lilly and Ryan)

Silly photos are the best!
Twirling in her easter dress.  I loved doing that as a little girl!
My brother, Jeremy and his family (Traber, Brandy and their future baby boy)

Playing on an old boat.

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