Monday, April 28, 2014

Four Signs that Summer is Sneaking Up On Us

First of all, I have to say that I received the full report of my bone marrow biopsy.   Everything looked as expected from the preliminary report, which is good news for me!  Praise the Lord.

In the meantime, we have been enjoying some outdoor activities that serve as little reminders that summer is just around the corner.  If the 90 degree weather today didn't do it, then these others things provide the signs.

1.  Bubbles!

As summer approaches, our desire to be outside blowing bubbles increases.

2.   Lots of other outdoor fun!

like swinging....

The grass is no longer dormant, and we must mow!

3.  Summer crops

We are experiencing hints of summer as our garden begins bearing "summer fruits". ..  like these peaches
and tiny tomatoes
and the lettuce is flourishing
4.  Splash Pads.

We visited our first of the season this evening.   We just visited a simple one across from our library, located on our main street plaza.  It was a great introductory splash pad for Abbey since she is rather inexperienced with them.

Abbey is warming up to the water....

warmed up and enjoying it.

Oh!  Water snuck up on her..not as happy about it.
Luke loved every bit of it!
Then something really funny happened.  Abbey got brave and went further into the splash pad while the water was lightly spraying.  Little did she know the whole thing was getting ready to rev back up.  She happened to be right beside one of the sprayers when it went into full pressure mode and she couldn't find her way out of it. I really wish I had a video of it, because it was hilarious.  I did manage to snap photos of it as it happened though.

Oh no!  Here it is beginning to spray. Abbey can't figure out how to get away from it.
Oops.  Wrong way...I don't want to go into the water.  Get me out of here!
"Mommy, how about you put the camera down and come save me instead of laughing and snapping photos."
"Oh Great!  Another sprayer?"

"Hooray!  I see the way out of here!"
The hilarious part of the story was when Abbey finally found her way out of the water.  Without batting an eye, she headed in the direction of our car and said, "I want to go home!"
When she heard us all laughing, she relaxed and headed back towards us.  The girl loves to make us laugh and was pretty proud that she did so...even if it meant her temporary suffering.

I captured a little video with our camera after the ordeal.  Click here if you want to see it, or simply watch it below:

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