Friday, April 18, 2014

My First (and hopefully last) Bone Marrow Biopsy

This morning, before my bone marrow biopsy, I had a blood draw that I had requested.  I was so happy as I read over my results: all of my counts which had been drastically trending downward were back on the rise.  They were still low, but headed in the right direction.  I knew this was an answer to prayer.  Going into the appointment, I was in a position of complete faith in healing, and experienced perfect peace.  Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers.  They were felt.
Just in case you wondered: Oh. My. Goodness though.  That bone marrow biopsy was right up there in level of pain with childbirth.  It felt equivalent to the 8cm dilation contractions I experienced at transition when birthing Abbey.  But, unfortunately there was no epidural to numb the pain.  I am pretty sure the needle was trying to biopsy a nerve.  And when they chiseled out a piece of the bone....OUCH!  But, it is thankfully over.  I am hoping I NEVER have to go through that again.  My body reacted in a "fight or flight" way afterwards that brought in 6 health care professionals who monitored me.  My body was shaking, my blood pressure and pulse shot way up, tears poured down my face uncontrollably even though I wasn't crying, my lips and tongue became tingly and I had trouble breathing.   All of this was happening to my body while mentally and spiritually I was in complete peace.  In fact, I am pretty sure I was smiling, laughing and making jokes through it all.  That right there, folks, was the Holy Spirit working- it had nothing to do with me.  Oh yeah- apparently, those poor bone marrow cancer patients usually need to have that procedure every 6 months.  I believe that was my last one though!  God is healing me completely.

I have an appointment with my oncologist this coming Tuesday (one that was scheduled 3 months ago).  However, I likely will not know the results of the biopsy for up to 7 days.  I will definitely update the blog when I find out though.  I truly appreciate your prayers!

(I apologize for any mistakes in this post, I am typing it on a smart phone since we are traveling right now).

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