Saturday, May 24, 2014

Drew and I went surfing in Texas

It's true.  Drew and I tried out surfing in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land last weekend.   It looked like this:

Okay, so maybe not the kind of surfing you were thinking.  But, it was still fun.   It made me think about snowboarding though--oh, how I would LOVE to do that.  The most fun part of all of this was that we did it with all of these people:

Our nephew, Mitchell, Drew's sister, Erica, and Papa and Mimi
Most chose the "sledding" option, which was obviously the safer option (and maybe smarter).   I only tried the surfing option twice, and I crashed once.  Thankfully, I was traveling slow enough that I had plenty of time to plan my fall.

Mitchell tried the head-first, belly down sledding option.  It looked like fun.

Brother and sister....getting ready to race.

Luke flew down the hill faster than anyone else.
Abbey is getting a little push from papa here.
Erica also tried the head-first, belly down option after seeing the fun that Mitchell was having.

We had a wonderful weekend there.  A huge bonus was that Drew's Aunt Cindy and Uncle Doug were also visiting.  Thus, we got to spend some fun, quality time with them as well.  Here are some other picture memories from the weekend.

Our niece, Audrey
Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy with the great nieces and great nephews.
We celebrated Uncle Doug's birthday while we were there.  
Abbey and Aunt Cindy

Mitchell---enjoying his ice cream, as evidenced with his partial ice cream mustache.
Our niece, Lauren, at the zoo.
Abbey is checking out the elephants in this photo.

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