Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary to my best friend!

I love this man SO stinkin' much!   Any free time I have, I want to spend with him.  And, it has been that way since the first day we met.   We started out as friends....quickly became best friends, and later became even more.  Six years ago today I married him.  Now, I get to call him husband for the rest of my life.  I just feel so blessed to be called his wife.  I realize it is very rare to enjoy doing the same things as your husband, to love the same foods, to enjoy the same-type of adventures and just to be as compatible as we are.   I do not take that for granted and realize that God brought us together and orchestrated our lives such that we would meet at the point in time that we did.  I often wish I would have met Drew when I was 15, so I could have enjoyed that many more years with him.  But, I know God had a perfect plan of when we were supposed to meet.  We balance each other so well in so many ways also.   Although we enjoy doing so many of the same things together, we go about them very differently.   For example, whereas I am more eager and excitable, Drew is more laid back.  It works well in so many ways in our marriage.   Drew is the best husband and friend to me!

Not only that, but he is the best dad.   He makes sure, even though he has to work a crazy number of hours, that he makes the time that he is not working "quality time with his kids".  They absolutely cherish their "daddy time."   He is fun, loving, nurturing, and really exhibits all the characteristics a kid can hope for in a father.  I don't think they yet understand just how blessed they truly are, but I know some day they will.

I didn't include many photos in the post, because I decided to create a little video photo slideshow in celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary.  Drew, I love you so much and hope you enjoy this little surprise.  (There is music in the slideshow, so make sure your volume is on.)

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