Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In the backyard with our boy

With summer around the corner, we have been spending more time in our backyard.   I love to check the status of our garden each day.  It is such a blast to see how much progress can be made in 24 hours between the times I check.  One day there will be no fruit; and then the next day, there will be a new flower, followed by a baby fruit shortly after.  Luke is my little garden buddy and we always do our checking before our school time together during Abbey's nap.  

I will try to post pictures of our garden soon.  In the meantime though, I will post some other fun things Luke has been doing in the backyard.

keeping his eye on the ball...

crushing it!

We picked up a pool at Ross.  It was cheap.  But it was impossible to know from the photo on the box that it was going to be as minuscule as it actually is once inflated.  I am pretty sure the water can be deeper in an infant bathtub than this tiny pool.  But, leave it to Luke to find some fun ways to enjoy it.

Our boy loves to jump.   Jumping is his thing.

This is totally off topic, but I would appreciate prayers that some new symptoms I have been having are not indications of the cancer returning.  I am taking a drug to try to resolve part of the symptoms, while I will also be getting 4 MRI's over the next couple of days.  It's has been a long time since I have had any imaging studies done, so my doctor wants to do them just to try to get to the bottom of my issues (cancer related or not).  Thanks, in advance, for your prayers.   They really do mean a lot to us!


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    1. Thanks, Glenna! So far two of my MRI's came back showing now cancer. I feel at peace about everything now thanks to prayers. God is so good! I should know the results of my other two mri's tomorrow, and then should know biopsy results early next week.