Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun at the Tulsa Zoo

Alrighty--stay tuned for a few "just for fun" posts.   We spent the long "Independence Day" weekend visiting my family in the Tulsa, Ok area.  On Thursday morning, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to go to the Zoo.

Because the weather was perfect (the high was in the upper 70's), the animals were outside enjoying the weather as well.   So, it was a great zoo day for both us and the animals.

Our niece, Lilly, showed me a nice photo spot.  So, of course I took her picture there!

checking out the lions
trying to spot a penguin

Saying "hello" to the Komodo Dragon

Here, they were trying to get as close as possible to the rhinos who were resting near the fence.

This goat made me smile.  He was so tired, and I guess so full, that he didn't move nor did he take another bite.  When he was full, I guess he decided he would just stop chewing (even though there was still grass there).
I knew Abbey would have no fear around the animals.   In fact, my concern was that she may be all over them.  Thankfully though, she was very gentle. 

Luke, who is normally a bit timid around animals, was both feeding and brushing the goats.

I have two more posts from the weekend.  Look for those to be posted over the next couple of days.

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