Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soccer...then and now!

A year and a half ago, Luke began his first soccer season and I officially became a "soccer mom."  I wrote a blog post about it, which you can find by clicking here.  It was the first and only season he played...up until he began asking to play again this summer.

You see, after his first season of playing, we decided not to mention it or push it at all.  He was only 3.5 and he really didn't enjoy playing against other teams.  He loved practices...just didn't enjoy the actual game day when he played against another team.  During games, he wanted either Drew or me on the field with him at all times.  I believe the picture below paints the perfect picture of how Luke felt the first season of play:

He began asking about soccer a little bit this past spring.  But, we missed the registration deadline.  By the time summer rolled around, he was determined to play again soon.  He told me fairly regularly that he was practicing soccer in the backyard so he would be ready to play soccer next season.  So of course I signed him up for the fall season.  That season began a couple of weeks ago.  The first two Saturdays were practice days.  This weekend, he had his first game.   Oh my what a difference a little time makes.  The boy totally came out of his shell.  I was shocked.  Here are a few photos:

Luke is on the gold team (Cheetahs)--he's number 9.  Here he is running up to try to get the ball.

Luke and this little boy on the green team were always neck and neck by the ball.  Look at that aggression on Luke's part!  Night and day difference from last year! 
And Luke takes it!

time to play goalie for a little while
Ready for the ball!
Team talk
taking a very brief turn off the field.  He played nearly the entire game!
Miss Abbey yearned to play.
Drew and I were proud parents.  We were so happy to see Luke work hard, be brave, hustle and be competitive.  A couple of parents and grandparents told us we had a superstar.  I am just so happy he really enjoyed it and had a blast, instead of being afraid as he was the first season he played.  I was that mom who was yelling on the side line---"go Luke!",  "Take the ball!",  "Turn it around!",  "Shoot it!"  I kind of wish I was on the field.  It was so much fun to watch!  The game was very competitive and Luke scored a goal.  They actually don't really keep score, but you know us parents do.  The score was 1-0.  Last year, the score was 22-0 (in favor of the other team) for the first soccer game of the season.  It is a lot more competitive this year.  And, it is only the beginning of the season!  Woo hoo!

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