Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Luke is 5!

I'm not sure how it happened already, but our little boy turned 5 on Saturday!  We started the day with an 8:30am soccer game, which he loved.  Grandma and Grandpa were able to visit us for the whole weekend, so they were able to watch him play (and score a goal) and celebrate his birthday with him on Saturday and Sunday. Mimi and Papa were also able to come visit us for a day the previous weekend to celebrate with Luke and watch him play soccer.
Here are some recent photos of Luke playing soccer:

taking the ball to the goal
focusing on footwork fundamentals while taking it to the goal.
Then, on Sunday, we celebrated Luke's birthday with friends and grandma and grandpa.  Luke decided a few months ago that he wanted to have a "race car" themed party.  He honestly got on pinterest with me and picked out what types of snacks, etc he wanted for the party.  This is what we came up with:

We had "dipsticks" (pretzels dipped in chocolate).  He also chose to have plates in red, yellow and green to resemble a stoplight.
In lieu of cake, he wanted me to bake donuts, which resembled spare tires.  We made some gingerbread and double chocolate donuts.
Guests could fuel up on antifreeze (maple lemonade) or water.

And, we had other snacks for guests.

But, the most important part to him was the people who came to celebrate with him.  Luke didn't need presents--the party and celebration were the parts he was most excited about.  He loves having people visit us at our home.  So, we played some fun games with friends from our community group.

Lining up for a game of red light, green light.
Luke's friend, Krystal, took a turn at being the stoplight.
tossing bean bags into a spare tire.
getting their carefully selected cars ready to race at the track.
Luke's friend, Josh, pretending to be a race car driver.  He is a mighty cute driver!
An awful photo of me, but too cute of Luke not to include.
Now for the mushy stuff.  My letter to Luke.

Luke, you have grown up so much this past year.  And, in this past few months, the growing up really seemed to compound. You have learned so many new skills!  You are now reading, writing, you've lost two teeth, you've learned to ride your bike without training wheels, you have awesome math skills, you build lego kits all by yourself, you've got terrific soccer skills, and you can make up your own bed (and you do it well--which of course I love).  Although I am very proud of you for all of these new skills, these are not the things about you for which I am most proud.  I am most proud of your character.

  • I can't help but smile when I overhear you say sweet big brother things to Abbey--like when you tell her "everything is ok, big brother is here."  I love watching you grab her hand to hold it and caress it.  Of course, I love it when you do the same to mine.  You are a sweet cuddler--and I hope that never changes.  You have a very physical love language--you love hugs, touch and cuddles. 
  • You love sweet words of encouragement and you offer them up to others.  
  • Your smile lights up a whole room.  
  • You love to learn.  You ask lots of questions.  
  • You are learning to share and have become quite giving.  
  • You enjoy being really silly.  
  • You love playing physical games like tag--anything that requires lots of running outdoors.  
  • You are competitive and you don't like to lose (we may need to work on that a little bit).  
  • You have begun learning that practice makes perfect.   For example, I love that you decided on your own that you were going to ride your bike without training wheels before you turned 5.  I enjoyed watching out the window as you practiced riding your bike all by yourself in the grass in our backyard without training wheels.  You would ride it to one end and then push it back up the sloped yard and ride it down again--over and over.  You persevered, doing that for two full consecutive afternoons and were then able to reap the rewards of that since you now can ride your bike without training wheels.   
  • I love that you enjoy helping daddy and me with chores.  If daddy or I mow, you are right there with us with your toy mower ready to help.  If we need to wash our car, you are there, excited and with a helping hand.  You help with the dishes and the laundry, vacuuming, and taking out the trash.  You love being our helper!
  • You already believe in the power of prayer.  You notice when a friend or family member is hurting or has a boo boo, and you ask daddy or me (without prompting) to pray specifically for that person at night.  You pray for me and that the cancer never comes back every night.  
I just love you so much, Luke.  I write this letter to you so you know just some of the things I love about you Luke.   Someday, I will not be around, but these words always will and I want you to have them.  

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